Monday, 22 October 2012

Baking, New Shoes & Pinterest

Kia Ora Everyone!

Just in case you're not a Kiwi, that means "Hello" and/or "Thank You" in Maori :-)

Before I go any further I would like to apologise for my absence and also welcome my newest followers!

Since my last post alot has happened!
One, I've finally landed a job (chicka chicka YEAH!).
Two, I baked today :-)
Three, have a new pair of shoes which I'm stoked about!
And four, I'm on Pinterest! (a tad late on the bandwagon, but hey I made it!). 

So to start my first post for October, even though the month is nearly over, will be with what I baked today.

I saw a picture of this on Pinterest:


And can I say that I fell in LOVE with what I was seeing!
The name for this is Cinnamon & Sugar Pull-Apart bread; I Googled a recipe for this immediately and came across this website called 'Recipe Snob' - very appropriate name :-)

I found the recipe's method very easy to follow, I will advise, though, that you add at least double (X2) to what is shows on the ingredients as I didn't find mine to be enough.

And also to add more flour as the dough is incredibly sticky!

Here is my step by step procedure, going via the link by Recipe Snob:


Final outcome! And it pulls apart!

The outcome was amazing!
Although mine didn't turn out exactly like the websites did, I was still pretty happy :-)
They were delicious served with a side of ice cream and pulled apart as the name suggests, I recommend you give it a go!

This, along with many other treats, will be on my Christmas menu. I'll post about those later.

Part two of my October post is that I finally got a job!
It's at this amazing NZ shoe company called Overland Footwear :-)

And as part of me joining the team I am to represent the company by wearing their product.
As were heading heading into warmer months here in NZ, I chose these stylish and comfy red wedge heels!

The shoes are from one of the many brands we accommodate called Isabella Anselmi, which is named after the founders daughter.
I can't begin to say how comfy they are!

They have cushy padding, and are made with leather upper and lining (there is leather on the inside of the rainbow elastic so there is no rubbing).
I love the red colour too. My current shoe collection consists of earth tones E.G. Black, nude, white, brown... So adding the red really gives my collection a POP of colour! 

They would look great with any outfit too; which I'll be sure to update you on that soon and also the 'God-send' products the company sells....

I'm a huge shoe addict as well so working here is a dream but also very dangerous!
Last, but not least......

I've been on a month and bit now and I am ADDICTED!
It's so hard not to get carried away, there are so many things you like that people are pinning that you just have to as well!

You can check me out here. I pin anything and everything from food, home decor, fashion, makeup you name it!
You wont be disappointed and I follow all my followers back :-)

So that is all me for my first October post.
I'll be back again soon and I hope you enjoyed reading my life story LMAO!