Friday, 7 November 2014

Luka Anya - 10 months old

Her first Halloween dressed up as a princess
This post a wee bit late sorry!
Bad time management on my behalf, the last month went by way too quickly for me as I was only beginning to think about getting things together for the big First Birthday in December.

Now next week I'm going to start putting things together and buying the things stored away in my shopping cart on Etsy.

The only things I have stored away are 8 wooden maracas for the kids attending to paint themselves and obviously keep as a nice little keepsake, a 32" number 1 balloon as well as 3 17" balloons which are pink, blue and yellow.
I had no specific theme in mind as Luka is too young to know what's going on, but I really liked the idea of a garden party, so we're having Luka's birthday at a local park. {you can read more about my birthday ideas for her here }
I have changed a few of the ideas on there such as the block numbers, I'm now going to do a chalk board sign.
The cake is now going to be made by a friend of mine who is an incredible cake maker! The design is now a large cupcake smash cake :-)

I can't wait to post more on her birthday after it's all over, December is just around the corner as well as January for our big trip to Australia.
I can hardly wait!

Waiting to go to preschool
Her first photo day at preschool wearing my old baby dress. She looked so sweet
even with her spiked up!

Weight: She hasn't been weighed since her 9 month visit from Plunket and won't be weighed again till the end of December.
I'm guesstimating that she'll be around 7kgs now.
She's filling in size 0 clothes and size 1 shoes. Still teeny tiny.

Sleep: Sleep is relatively better this month! She's waking twice a night but doesn't scream as bad when she wakes which makes getting through the night way easier.

Diet: Luka pretty much eats anything now, she doesn't like most of those jarred baby foods we used to feed her and loves what I cook up for dinner instead. Feeding her, though, can be trial and error as she'll either eat or she won't which can be frustrating, but I just go back to things I've read about babies and that is that they won't starve themselves and babies will eat when they're hungry.
She's still 50/50 on breast and bottle, she drinks water and the rest takes care of itself.

Social: She really is a social wee thing! But lately she gets quite shy around new people, looking at them then burying her head into my neck, sooo cute! Then she looks back at people, smiles and buries her head again until she really warms up to you then she just babbles and smiles away as normal.

Likes: She loves music and has started bopping along to sounds she likes, she loves playing peek a boo and being chased by Andrei and I. She recently started using her walker and we go for walks outside with it, she loves bath time, playing in the garden, playing with her musical toy, she loves Sesame Street and so much more!

  • Luka started using her walker! 
  • Becoming quite confident with standing by herself, even if it's only for a few seconds.
  • She's also started using the handles and feeding herself her bottles now :-)
  • She's finally said "MA MA"
  • She has 4 teeth!
Postpartum: Things have been great the last month, I finally have my own car! It's a little 2005 Nissan Note, and even though I can't drive by myself yet until I get my license it's still great knowing I can take Luka up to preschool in the car when it rains, she's adapting well to being in her carseat too :-)
Self wise, I've given up focusing on losing weight till next year after Luka's Birthday, New Years, our holiday and my Birthday's out of the way. Even though I'm still not happy with how I look and how my health and fitness is at the moment, it's really not a big deal yet.
I always find that time of the year most expensive too as there is so much happening. So getting a gym membership will be a no no for a while yet which I'm finally OK with.
This year has been the hardest financially and has taught me so much about being more frugal with money, I used to spend money as soon as I earnt it, but I didn't spend it wisely thus ending up in debt with bills and having clothes and items I didn't use.
Now I use and recycle EVERYTHING! I haven't brought myself anything new since the beginning of the year (I recently purchased this dress from ASOS last night for a work xmas party, it's Alice in Wonderland themed and I'll be going as the Queen of Hearts which I know I'll wear again) I pay my bills first and foremost then whatever I have left goes into the house or into savings, hence why I have nothing to spend on myself but it's been a great lesson. I do a lot of window shopping and see so many things I want, but I find myself not at all tempted to buy as I used to be which makes me excited to instil those values onto Luka as she grows up and to save hard for what she wants which is what Andrei and I have been doing.
Although I'm running out of makeup I.E. my fave Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow powder I keep reminding myself that were going to Australia soon, and there's duty-free!!!!

Until next time!

Mumma and baby foot prints xx