Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Last week in pictures

Hey everyone!

I know I've been a little MIA lately, but seriously having a child takes up you're time 24/7!
Not that I'm complaining, being a mummy is the best :-)

So before I spam you're feeds with another update on Luka at the end of the week (she'll be 3months ahhh!) I thought I'd give you something non-baby to read about before then.
*well actually there will always be something about Luka that I'll add in my posts, she's my life, it's inevitable.

Last week was a pretty good one for me, I went shopping!
I didn't do a major haul though, I just picked up a few things I actually needed if not a few wants in there too, as Winter is slowly on it's way to NZ I realized how much I was lacking with cardigans. Here's what I got...

I brought this statement necklace from Collette Hayman for NZD$7 from NZD$26 SCORE!
It looks just like what you'll buy from J Crew with the exempt of it not being crystal (and of course not being ridiculously overpriced!) but it really doesn't matter in this case, I thought it was gorgeous and I've been layering it with other statement necklaces I have to give any plain outfit a POP!
Unfortunately you won't find this on her site as it was only available in store.


Next was this awesome wool felt floppy hat from Dotti for NZD$36. I have plenty of outfits to wear with this but the weather hasn't quite cooled down enough here in NZ (even though it is Autumn!) for me to wear it but I will be doing a few outfit posts with this when it does :-)

And here are the rest...

Glassons 'Everday' pink striped top NZD$14.99
Mirrou Boutique Leopard print cardigan NZD$30
ASOS oversized Baseball Tee NZD$27.12
New Look longline cardigan NZD$40.66

Luka was amazing the whole time too!
The routine I've been weaning her into has been working and I've been consistent with it even when I've been out with her which is really hard to do so I'm glad she's adjusting. I'll update on what routine I have for her on Friday...
In the mean time here's some cute snaps of my baby girl!


Andrei holding Luka after our photoshoot on Sunday. We won a $300 voucher from a comp I entered in a few weeks ago. They look so much alike!

I can't get over how much Luka has grown in the last 3months! She's definitely become more expressive and her face has taken more character in the last month, she's so gorgeous and gives me the most cutest gummy smiles!

Next up I took part in a competition held by Benefit Cosmetics NZ via their Instagram account to win a years supply of 'They're Real' mascara.
And guess what, I won! Well me and 3 other girls :-)
Here was my winning pic...

Can't go wrong with bed hair, long lashes and statement lippy :-)

I already had thing's planned for my mascaras, as I tend to use up a mascara per year than changing it every few months so I gave one to my mum, sister and my friend and of course kept one for myself :-)
So that was my week really, it was quite full on. Then again, every week is for me with Luka!
Hoped you enjoyed my latest and you'll hear from me soon.