Thursday, 12 September 2013

Celebrating Baby Girl

Last weekend Andrei and I hosted our first Baby Shower for our little girl who's due in early January.

What was essentially planned to be a casual BBQ at our place moved to a Mongolian BBQ restaurant surrounded by most family and friends :-)

It was such an amazing night, very relaxed, great atmosphere and the gifts were non stop!
Here's a few pics that were taken during the night with my Polaroid camera....

Group shot! A few of the guests had left before this was taken.
My beautiful friend Candice!
Some of the gorgeous girls from Mi Piaci!
This photo of me and Andrei makes me giggle. I accidentally poked him in the eye hence his facials!!!
 Some of my beautiful friends from work!
My BFF and God-Mother to my baby, Beya :-)

I wanted just a casual gathering for the baby shower which wasn't just a 'girls only' thing.
The restaurant was an 'all you can eat' buffet so I think that set the mood quite nicely for everyone to socialise and have a great night :-)
I set the table with pink and purple Pom Poms , old perfume bottles and baby booties to set the 'baby' theme but make it look pretty. And everyone seemed to have fun with taking the pics with my Fuji Polaroid camera :D
(Shake it like a Polaroid picture!!!)


Oh and by the way, as you've probably seen by now, we've named baby girl Luka.
Per this post here which I said about the naming decision, Andrei and I wanted to call her Darcey at first but we and coincidentally Luka thought she suited this name best :P
I really wanted a Russian name for her anyway, and Luka seems to fit the bill just right, plus it's unisex! 
We revealed her name to everyone by these cute block letters which I purchased from this cool store called Typo, then I painted on blue and purple (mine and Dreis fave colors) glitter glue and did and ombré effect to really make Luka's name SPARKLE!

It was such a fantastic night, Andrei and I felt we couldn't thank everyone enough for their company and the gifts they brought for Luka, it was truly amazing!
Plus all the support and well wishing we've received from family and friends that couldn't make the night has just made this whole experience for us becoming first-time-parents incredible :-) 

 My work friends gave me a $50 voucher to Pumpkin Patch. They've just started their Spring/Summer collection which has a 'French Countryside' theme, and I had my eye on this cute as a button romper! Andrei chose the adorable socks and I added in the headband :-)

This is only some of the gifts Luka was given! I was also treated to some skin oil and some bath and shower soaps/bombs from Lush.

 Cards from friends :-)
The photo edit apps I use on my iPhone, in case you're wondering, is PicFx, Rhonna Designs and A Beautiful Mess.

And the celebration really doesn't stop here!
We have friends and family coming from overseas in a few months and with me going on maternity leave soon too it's going to be quite the eventful year for Andrei and I.
Bring it on I say!

The next post I'll update you with what I wore for the evening and plus some :)

How far along? 23 weeks, I'll be 6 months next week!

Total weight gain/loss? Haven't weighed myself this week. I'm guessing I'm still at 64kgs.

Maternity clothes? Nothing yet, I'm still wearing the same size jeans I had since before getting pregnant but wearing them with a belly belt.

Stretch marks? Nope. Still using my holy grail Bio Oil.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions which I feel about 3 times a day.

Sleep: Sleep is fine. I haven't been waking up during the night the last week.
Also I miss sleeping on my tummy!

Best moment this week? Going to the new Spring/Summer range launch meeting at my work place Overland Footwear and getting work alongside a work friend who I haven't seen in months!
I'm such a workaholic! 

Miss anything? Soft serve ice cream, medium rare steak, apple cider, sleeping on my tummy....

Movements? All the time! She's so active :-)

Food cravings? Pancakes!!!! I make these amazing chocolate pancakes which are so light and fluffy then I have it with Nutella, double whipped cream and bananas. ERMEHGERD!
There goes my healthy eating.... Actually I lie, I'm still eating well. Gotta balance these things out y-know?

Starting to show? Yes indeed :-) I have the cutest, tiny round bump!
I get asked how far along I am, I say so, and then get complimented with how tiny I still am! I find it very flattering especially on days when I don't feel shit hot, it's good to know I still look great!

Happy or moody most of the time? My moods are well balanced, I'm happy and sad when I need to be.

Exercising? Umm next question haha! I've been slack the last two weeks with the gym. I had my 'week break once a month' last week and I haven't been this week cause its been raining and I'd rather not catch a cold!
I do feel very sluggish and my backs aching so I've been doing stretches, lunges etc at home until the weathers fine.

Baby is a: Girl!

Belly button in or out? In.

Names? Luka Anya. I'll leave it at that until she's born :-)

Looking forward to? Summer time, meeting Luka, getting into maxi dresses and wedge heels, going to Shakespear Beach in Whangaparaoa!


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pregnancy Story....

Just some of the beautiful baby's clothes we've purchased!
I cannot believe in just 4 short months Andrei and will be cradling a baby in our arms!
It seems like only a couple of weeks ago that I found out I was pregnant; here's my little story of how I found out that Andrei and I were going to be parents...

Beginning of May I started to feel strange.
Now my usual self strange but like very tired to the point of falling asleep at work, throwing up in the morning strange!
Andrei was the first to really notice all these things as I just thought I needed a break, especially with the sleeping aspect as I was crashing out at 6-7pm.
It was at that point he asked if I was pregnant.
I, as usual when asked this question, got offended and said NO! Poor bugger was worried and said I should go to the doctors and get a test just incase.
I hate pregnancy tests. We'd done them in years prior and all had come back negative so I was sure this one would be too.
I told him I'll wait a week to see if the symptoms I had persisted then I'll go.
Much to my dismay (at the time), they persisted.
The only thing that went through my mind was I couldn't possibly raise a child now, not with work commitments, I still wanted to study and travel and blow all my hard earned money on!
I guess sometimes you can and can't plan these things huh.

During what seemed like the longest week ever I asked a couple of friends that have children about how I was feeling.
Both said that it definitely sounded like pregnancy and to get a test ASAP!
The night before I was due to get the test there was a strange vibe between Andrei and I. It was pretty obvious that I was expecting, although both of us didn't want to get too hyped up about it.
So come the next morning, I headed straight to the doctors, peed on a stick and did the waiting game.
My palms were sweating, hear rate was through the roof, I've never felt this way like I did with previous tests.
5mins later the nurse called me over and quietly showed me that the two pink lines on my stick meant I'm pregnant.
Time literally stopped for me!
A couple of seconds later all I managed to blurt out was 'Oh my God!!!" and then the water works started.
I was crying uncontrollably then I started laughing uncontrollably and then both at the same time!
I think I scared the nurse a little, I told her I was fine the news was good even though I had mixed emotions.
After everything at the doctors had finished up I left to my dads who lived down the road still in my hysteric state.
I called my mum on the way to tell her the news (I was walking by the way, not driving), she was happy to hear it and laughed at the crazy state I had called her in!
As soon as I got to dads he knew straight away as I told him and my mumma the night before, he was over the moon and gave me some of my old clothes to pass down :-)
I stayed at dads for a few hours to settle down. I texted Andrei, who was working, to call me ASAP.
As soon as he rang I told him. He was in shock, he didn't really say much, can't say I blamed him I
was too!
Straight after we spoke I rang my brothers and sisters to tell them the news, later that day we called Andrei's family, they were delighted which was great as it took some of the edge off our nervousness!

Friends were over the moon!
I was texting and taking calls all day, it made the situation much better and less lonely for me as I didn't see Andrei till later that evening and I was so soo anxious to see him!
I had a staff meeting that night and when I told my work colleagues the news they were all so excited and it was so lovely to see how supportive everyone was :-)
 When I finally saw Andrei it was the best feeling after such a long day!
We hugged, cried and embraced the moment that we were going to become parents, as overwhelming as it was. It was truly amazing, something that neither of us have ever had in our 6years together, just to know that we'll be starting our own family was, and is, just the most incredible rush!

I love saying to Andrei and that bug will be daddy's little girl and that he'll spoil her rotten!
His face lights up when I say that it's so adorable. Our baby brings out this glow in both of us which is so magic we love her to bits!

Since finding out on May 8th we pretty much have everything we need as we've been given so much from family and friends.
The generosity and kindness has just been amazing, our little one doesn't even know how spoiled and loved she is!

Andrei and I have been discussing values we want to bring her up on too. We don't want to over spoil her with materialistic things as we think it'll have a superficial effect on her e.g. buying baby her own tablet!
Seriously, what happened to good ol' crayons and colouring books?
Call me old fashioned but I'm a big believer and giving you're children heaps of you're time and patience as I've seen first hand the negative effects over overly spoilt children and uncaring parents.
We want to bring up bug very down to earth, empathetical, kind, unselfish, generous, hardworking, honest and plus some which I think is a perfect way to start life :-)

My first baby outfit! I was brought home in this, it was essentially a dolls outfit, cause I was 2months prem and so small this was still too big!

So bring on January 2014!
Estimated due date is the 6th, my birthday's the 17th, sisters is the 4th and mum's is the 10th so there will be another Capricorn in the mix :D

Hope you enjoyed this read. Next post is the baby shower and bug's name reveal!
Also here are some links from previous pregnancy posts I did 1, 2, 3, and .  
How far along? 22 weeks. Got my weeks mixed up, thought I was 23 this week but I am actually 22, oops!

Total weight gain/loss? 64kgs. Put on 4kgs so far, I'm at the stage in my second trimester where I'll put on 2/3rds of my pregnancy weight.

Maternity clothes? Still nothing yet, although I'm looking on ASOS.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Symptoms: Small varicose veins on the back of my left calf and tiredness.

Sleep: Sleep is still great sometimes. Bug's been waking up around 3am and keeping me up for an hour or so kicking and moving which is cute but also annoying!

Best moment this week: This Saturday's baby shower!

Told family and friends? Yes :-)

Miss anything? My pre pregnancy body.... Although I do love my baby bump :-)

Movements? Yes!!! Kicking, stretching and rolling. I love it :-)

Food cravings? Nothing out of the norm. Eating choc chip cookies....?

Starting to show? Yes indeed :-)

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!!!

Exercising? Yes and no, I do a lot of brisk walking and I'm slowly going to the gym twice a week 40mins each time.

Baby is a: GIRL!!!!

Belly button in or out: In.

Names? Yes! I won't announce anything till after this weeks shower :D

Looking forward to: Our Baby Shower!!!