Saturday, 20 July 2013

How I clean my makeup brushes.

I see a lot of bloggers who end up buying expensive makeup brush cleaners, and most of them barely do the job!

Well my friend I have a cheap homemade remedy which revives, whitens and thoroughly cleans you're brushes like nothing else!

Also, since purchasing new makeup which I talked about here I really didn't want to start using my new stuff with filthy brushes.

My brushes after a few hard uses!

Above is my only brush set.
(yes, I don't feel the need to have 10 foundation brushes!)
I have 3 brushes from the Body Shop

  • Slanted brush for eyeliner application
  • Blending brush for intense eye shadow application and I also use it to apply concealer, obviously cleaning it in-between
  • And last but not least the line softener
And then my Real Techniques brushes

  • My fave the Stippling brush which I use as a foundation brush
  • Contour brush which I use for...well contouring and also use as a blush brush
  • The foundation brush which I mostly use to blend in concealer
  • Lipstick brush which I never use
  • And the buffer brush which I use to blend in foundation and also pat powder over my face.
All the brushes above do exactly what I need to and I find a lot of girls find it a chore to clean their brushes.
Not meaning to sound biased, but cleaning my brushes is the most easiest thing ever!

I've made a habit of cleaning them once to twice a month as bacteria build up is not very nice!
Here's my quick method:


  • Olive oil - to remove the foundation residue etc.
  • Bi Carb soda or Baking soda - to whiten and dissolve bacteria
  • two tablespoons of water - help to mix the ingredients into a paste
  • a bowl
  • a tablespoon
Mix the olive oil and baking soda together in the bowl and add in the water to form a paste.

Get all you're brushes together, or one at a time, and stir into the mixture.


You can see by the two pictures that the mixture is already lifting the makeup and dirt of the brush.
And in the second pic the brush has been rinsed of with water and then cleaned a little more with normal shampoo and conditioner.

And that's it!
My brushes look as good as new, are soft and there is no olive oil residue left after cleanings done.

Just one quick tip also, I give my brush carrier a quick clean with a makeup remover wipe so my brushes and carrier are all equally cared for :-)

The end result is soft, clean brushes and no bacteria added to you're face!
It takes no more than 5mins as well, such a quick fix how can you go wrong, and all products are things that use on a daily basis :-)

Hope this was a good insight, let me know of any good remedies you recommend!
You'll hear from me soon :-)


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