Monday, 25 August 2014

Maternity Photo's

This is way waaay late but Andrei finally found a photo converting app so we could see our shots taken by my dad just weeks before Luka was due in December.

Here are my faves :-)

Feeling impatient with my dad, it was extremely hot in my room too. Take note pregnant women + heat = not good

But I managed to keep face!

It was  a gorgeous hot summer day!
Although getting photos in our room with the empty bassinet was quite frustrating due to it being so hot inside, we did capture some nice pics, but I was very relieved to get outside!

Andrei and I in a nutshell!

He's too cute!

My dad used his Sony NEX5 to take our photos as well.
He's a pro/hobby photographer so I knew he'd get some swell pics of us and my burgeoning bump

I know Andrei is kinda cut out of this pic but I like this one of me!!!

Yes, we are ridiculous!
Dress // ASOS Maternity
Gold earrings // gift
Middle finger ring // sisters (woops!)
Ring finger ring // Pandora
I'm so rapt with our pics and it was so good that my dad got to them, it gives them that sentimental value that family were so close to getting them as well as saving us some money!

Looking back on these I can remember the anxiety and exhaustion of waiting to pop but loving every minute of my last few weeks with my baby in my tummy.
I remember being told that it goes so quickly and never believing it because it felt sooo long!

But it did go very quickly and I'm looking forward to giving Luka a sibling in another few years.

It's honestly the best feeling and I would fully recommend getting pregnant, obviously for those that want to do it!

Hope you enjoyed my latest!
I swear I'll post things up that aren't baby related, as soon as I have an individual life again haha!



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