Friday, 20 April 2012

Weekend getaway!

Stunning First Church of Otago
I have just come back from the most amazing trip in Dunedin!

It's a little town located in the South Island and is just absolutely gorgeous!
My last two blog posts have always ended in eager excitement over my 4 day weekend and judging by the photos my boyfriend Andrei and I had every reason to be excited :-)

Excited as! A few hours to go before we headed off on our 4 day adventure :-)

Amazing views

Taieri Railway Station. The second most photographed building in the world,

Our last morning in Dunedin started with a good walk up the steepest street in the world, Baldwin Street!

Sacred Heart Church

We made sure everything was organised before we left, from transport to accommodation and also having a tidy home to come back too.

Just to add, it was my first time on a plane and I've never been as far as a few hundred kilometres out of Auckland, whereas Andrei, who's from Russia, wasn't too fazed.

I took so many photo's while down there, I'm sure Andrei and his sister were getting sick of had to take stops in between getting places! (we were on foot as everything was in reach)
The architecture and scenery was just gorgeous though so I just had to take every opportunity!

But like every holiday though, it went to quickly and I shamelessly fell in love with the little city.
We did a lot in the time that we were there. We went to the Saturday Farmers Market, The Cadbury Chocolate Factory, The Speights Ale House and Brewery, Taieri Railway Station, saw many Churches (my favourite was The First Church of Otago) and just chilled out which was very new to both of us city slickers who are constantly on the go!

It was sad to come back home and back to work after such a lovely time, but were going to make another trip out there in either August or September for our five year anniversary before we head off to Queenstown which is equally as amazing and you can never wonder why New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Gorgeous picture of the sunrise I caught on out last day!

Anyway I hope I didn't brag too much and also hoped you enjoyed my latest post.


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