Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rock bands and Pinup hair!

The Queen of Rock herself, Amy Lee!

OK the last few days have been the best yet for me since the start of this year and have also added onto 'The Greatest Things to Happen in my Life' list (yeah I got one of those!).

Last weekend, my best friend Beya and I went into the city to go get a signing from our favourite Goth Rock band Evanescence who were playing a concert that evening (really wish I went!) which I noted in my last blog which you can access here.
There latest album and music in general is mind blowing good! And the lead singer Amy Lee is just fantastic and sooo beautiful!
I have been listening to the band for 9years and all I managed to say to Amy (in my startstruck moment) was that I loved her voice and her music which she gave me this puppy dog eye look and said "Aww thank you soo much!".
I am so corny aaaaaaaannnnd a little embarrassed.....
Didn't manage to get a pic with her though as I was so nervous and shot off after meeting them, but I did grab some pics :)

The closest pic I managed to get of her

Hehe :) The whole band was super nice!
But wait, there's more!
Not Evanescence pics, but we ended up heading off to an open day at CutAbove Academy which specialise in teaching of Special Effects Makeup and artistry, hairdressing, beauty therapy etc etc.
I got some cool pics and even got a free hairstyling which I've always wanting something 1940's, 50's Pinup like as I LOVE that era of fashion and glamour and here's what I got....

definately gonna learn how to do my hair like this!
Later on stayed over at my friends which made us feel like 17year old's again gossipping, eating junk food and watching movies (yeah Brokeback Mountain is definately not the best sleepover movie!)
Come Tuesday this week, the Police Station next door to my work place won a radio competition for the best place to work at and got to have New Zealand's best music export , Shihad, play a gig there!
They were so kind to invite my workplace and who would I be to say no?!
Shihad were my first ever concert in '04 and they are amazing, I fully recommend there music :)
Here's some pics I got...

This is my longest blog but I've had such a great time the last few days that I just had to share :)

I hope you enjoyed, and I'll be sure to update you again in a few weeks as I'll be heading down to the South Island with my boyfriend Andrei for a long weekend away in Dunedin.

Until next time fellow bloggers!


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