Wednesday, 16 May 2012

FOTD with M.A.C Knight Divine


Happy hump day all!
I'm celebrating an end to a long day with a yummy bowl of Cookie's 'n' Cream ice cream, listening to great music and of course blogging about my newest FOTD!

Today's look included a new eyeshadow purchase from M.A.C.
The eyeshadow is Knight Divine, the colour my eye with it's lovely silvery gunpowder shade which I've so far found can be quite a light shade but when applied with more density it can really pop.

The look below is what I did for my friends baby shower last weekend which you can read all about in my last post here.
This look was also created for a friend who wanted to know how to do a simple 'smokey eye' and how I usually do my makeup in general.
So here's what I conjured up for her and also anyone who wants to know how I used my new eyeshadow :)

Eek! A few blemishes, but as you know I've never been too fussed about them. Le' more "natural" le' better ;-)

So first things first!
Starting with my face, here's what I used in order of use and how I applied it:

  • Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30 tinted moisteriser - rubbed into the palms of my hands to warm it up then applied to my neck and face in 'upward' strokes and patted gently around the eyes.
  • The Body Shop skin primer 'moisterize it' - applied the same as above.
  • M.A.C Studio Sculpt SPF 13 Foundation in NC25 - Applied in gentle downward strokes with M.A.C 190 foundation brush all over face and neck.
  • Clinique Golden City stick consealer - wipe small amounts off the stick with you're index finger and rub to warm up the consealer into you're thumb and gently dab in and around blemished area's on the face, make sure to blend it well so it doesn't look patchy.
  • Bourjois Pastel Teint pressed powder in Rose - used to set the foundation, sweep all over face and neck with M.A.C 187 brush.
  • Sugar Baby Glamazon bronzer - applied lightly over forehead, nose, chin and in the contours of you're cheeks with M.A.C 182 Kabuki brush
  • M.A.C Peachykeen sheertone shimmer blush - applied in puff motions from the apples of the cheeks upward and inbetween the contours of you're cheeks with M.A.C Kabuki brush 182.
EYES - Finally!
  • M.A.C Bare Study Paint Pot - only need a small amount on fingers and apply in feathering motions inward at the tear ducts of you're eye's then outward and more around the lid.
  • M.A.C Knight Divine e/s - applied with definition all around the lid and slightly above the lid and in the outer edges of the eye with The Body Shop e/s blender brush.
  • M.A.C Satin Taupe - applied on the outer and middle of the eye lid and around the edges of the eye with The Body Shop e/s blender brush
  • M.A.C Blanc Type e/s - applied with The Body Shop blender brush on the upper brow bone (located just below the eye brow to highlight the eyes and make them POP!) and around the tear ducts.
  • Collection 2000 black khol eyeliner - start by applying outward of the lid with a flick and work you're way inward by flicking it through gently and use you're fingers to blend it in nicely outward and around the outter edges of you're eye till you reach the middle of you're bottom eye lid.
  • M.A.C 'It's a Miracle' e/s - using The Body Shop slanted e/s brush, apply a small amount (of the purple only) and place underneath you're bottom eyelids outward and work you're way in until it almost reaches you're tear duct.
  • The Body Shop 'Define and Lengthen' mascara - well DUH! Apply two small coats to you're lower lashes and three to you're upper lashes (depending on how much drama you want).
  • The Body Shop 'Cranberry Joy lip balm - applied around the lips of course!

That's pretty much it; it seems like I used a lot, which I did. But I did it in record time of 25mins and it's such an achievable look which for they eye's invloves a lot of finger blending which givews off the sexy smokey look ;-)

This look is something I usually only wear on the specialist of occasions. Most day's I use only tinted moisteriser and the new Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm.
You can check out my 'everyday' look at a previous post here.

Otherwise, I hope this helped.
You don't have to use M.A.C entirely, try different products I.E. Bourjois, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Lancome, or even an unknown brand which may be more affordable which can also guarantee the same look :-)
And if you have any tips or even a new product which is MUST BUY then by all means let me know :D
Otherwise I hope you enjoyed and have a great day!



  1. Your lashes look amazing! Thanks for these great makeup tips!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth!
    They're my best asset :-)
    I'm now following you're blog which I must say is fab!


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