Monday, 11 June 2012

Neon Pink, Black leather

Hi Everyone!

I apologise for my absence, I can't believe it's nearly been a month since my last post! Time does fly huh....?

I have been checking my blog though, and making sure I reply to everyone's lovely comments on previous posts I've done.
So just another big thank you to you all, you're lovely notes make my day :-)

So to start off my posts for the month of June I paid a visit to Recycle Boutique, which most of you know by now is my second home.
I go there to pick up some great designer or unkown brand named clothing, shoes and accessories for fantasic prices. I love the hunt for the pieces I find and also mixing and matching unique outfits.
I also went there because I cleared out a lot of old clothing from my wardrobe that I don't either fit anymore or have just grown out of.

First on my list of current purchases are an amazing pair of booties from shoe designer Mi Piaci.
These goregous black 6inch heels were a steal at $82, they're leather inner and outer lining, have amazing foot padding and make my legs go on forever!
I actually wanted these last Winter but the Mi Piaci retailer were selling them at $260 a pop!
A bit out of my price range, so when I found them at $82 and in my tiny size 6 sole from Recycle Boutique I went for it!

They are sooo pretty, I'm totally rapt with them :-)

Ahhhh, I'm in love!

Next on my list of goodies is this cute as 'one size fits all' purple Octopus-type top!
It came with no brand name on it but thought it was quite neat, and I love the colour and detailing this one come's in.
Picked it up for a mere $18 :-)

- A close up detail of the top
pretty cool huh?

And last but not least.....

This gorgeous pink maxi skirt from Australian brand Supre!
I've been trying to hunt down a maxi skirt like this one for the last month, but it's proved difficult with normal retailers.
I knew RB (Recycle Boutique) would be bound to have some in stock,
I saw a black pleated one before this, but I've been wanting to add more colour to my wardrobe and was specifically wanting this type of colour.
An absolute winner, and at $18 it didn't burn too much of a hole in my wallet!

The top I'm wearing with the skirt is an oldie from Jeans West, just in case you wondering...   

Rocking my curves!!!

So thats all from me for now.
Is there anything else you would reccommend for me to wear with the skirt, top or shoes?
I'd love to hear from you all, otherwise I hope you enjoyed my latest post and you'll be hearing from me soon.
Next on the agenda...
I'll leave that to the imagination :-)

Peace out my awesome bloggers!


  1. love your blog! started following hope you can follow back :)

    Get Glam
    Get Glam
    Get Glam

  2. Hi Naseem!

    I've just checked out you're blog and I love it too!
    You're rocking that cute outfit btw :-)

    I'm now following, keep in touch xx

  3. I love your outfit! Your pink skirt is beautiful!

  4. Thanks Alex!

    I've been getting heaps of compliments for it and I'm rapt with it and the fact it was a huge bargain!

    Just checked out you're blog and I'm now following. I'm gonna have to update my boyfriend on the new Marvel movies coming out!
    Loki is adorable btw, the guinea pig I mean :P

  5. OMG your shoes are so lovely :) Great outfit too

    Tanesha x

  6. Thank you so much!
    I've just checked out you're blog and you're latest post is adorable!
    Love the 'Dorothy' look, very creative :-)

    I'm now you're newest follower and hope to hear and see more from you in future, thanks for checking out my blog!

  7. Those shoes are all sorts of fabulous!! Love them :)

  8. Thanks Katie!
    I'm in love with them, they make me feel like an Amazon though which is NOT a bad thing :D

    Just checked out you're blog too and I'm now following


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