Monday, 6 August 2012

ASOS Gold Anniversary dress (OOTN)

The dress I'm wearing in the top picture is what I wore for me and my boyfriends 5year Anniversary (Outfit Of The Night OOTN) which you can see more about here "Anniversary on an Island".
The dress is a beautiful vintage inspired rose-gold purchase from ASOS. BEST DRESS PURCHASE EVER!
Just so you know it's a criss cross back not a halter neck, and it made my tattoo look wicked :-)

My boyfriends great photography :-)

Love my curves :-)
It's so flattering on me, and I've never been a rail thin girl (a fact that I'm proud of...most times) so this gave my hourglass figure some 'Vavavoom'!

White girl booty XD

Unfortunately I didn't get many pics of me in this dress that were flattering on the night of our Anniversary; but hopefully these should suffice :-)

I feel so confident and beautiful in this dress, and that's a feeling that doesn't come very often with me!
I feel like a 1950's pinup girl, they were so celebrated for there fuller and curved figures, it's a shame that it's not carried out that much now.
Marilyn Monroe definitely inspires some of my looks these days as well as Bridgette Bardot, both beautiful women!

I didn't accessorise on the night as the dress was already an accessory on it's own!
My makeup was very 1950's-60's inspired too with a nice winged liner and pouty red lips :-)
I will write about that makeup in a later post.

Nail polish is "Congeniality is my Middle Name" by OPI

The outfit wouldn't have been complete without my favourite nude Christian Louboutin pumps!
They complete any outfit I've worn and just go with anything really :-)

My Loubis :-)
Overall I'm impressed with quality of dress, it fitted like a glove and I will reccommend purchasing ASOS to anyone, especially the fact that they free deliver around the world!

I hope you enjoyed my latest post and you'll be hearing a lot more from me soon!



  1. Gorgeous dress, and you look stunning in it!! Love the post xoxo

  2. Thanks Olly!
    I really love the dress and can't wait to find another time to wear it out again :-)

  3. Great 50's style photo, and what a FAB dress!

  4. Thank you@Kim!
    It's a pretty impressive dress :P

    I've checked out you're blog and I'm now following! I also left a comment on you're latest post :-)
    Hope you'll follow back!

  5. Ooh, I love the dress!! Totally Monroe.

  6. I know right!
    I love it too, I wear whenever I get the chance it rediculous but hey whaddaya do?
    It was also under $80, which was less than what I was expecting for a new dress so I can't complain :-)

  7. loving the dress and you look fab!

  8. Cheers @Goody!
    I def feel like a million bucks in a dress that only cost me around $70!
    ASOS rocks :-)


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