Friday, 24 August 2012

Space exploration in style

Hey guys!
I’m currently writing you all from the film set of a massive Brisbane production called Omega. I’ve got my headphones in listening to a Sydney band, but I know the builders are blasting the Tron soundtrack.
Which is kind of fitting, considering this is a futuristic sci-fi film, and I’m sitting in a warehouse housing a full-sized spaceship.
That’s right, our set is a custom-built spaceship. Complete with a cockpit, airlock, its own little shuttle pod (for exploration or emergency evac, whatever) amongst other rooms. I won’t say much because I’m bound by a confidentiality agreement, but this is pretty frigging cool. I come here and all I think about is the detailed interior of the Normandy of the Mass Effect series (yes, yes, I’m a gamer). I’m told the director drew a lot of inspiration from Alien for his vision. This production has been in development for two years, and the crew has worked literally around the clock for months building and dressing the ship’s interior to look über technologically advanced with all its machinery and lights and buttons. There are cables running everywhere, and a curtain of green screen is surrounding the cockpit’s windows. Tonight is the second night of shoot.
I love my job. Filmmaking is such an amazing creative outlet, where the only boundaries are the limits of your imagination (okay, and that pesky budget). Here nobody cares about my tattoos, I get to do my makeup however I like and wear Wheels and Dollbaby instead of some unflattering uniform getup. Plus I get to geek out over awesome equipment; we’re shooting on the RED Epic, same camera Peter Jackson used for The Hobbit. This is the second time I’ve handled beautiful footage shot by this camera, the first being a music video for Caligula’s Horse last month.
Not to mention film people, in my opinion, are the easiest people to get along with (if you don’t mind the contstant F bombs sprinkled every other curse in the book). You literally need to have two things: enough working knowledge to not mess up in your department, and a sense of humour. I’ve worked on music videos, documentaries, short films, TV commercials, and this is by far the biggest undertaking I’ve been involved with (hello, spaceship >>>). And yeah, I stumbled home this morning at 3:30am exhausted and bailed on my other (fake) job two hours later, if only to sleep some more and be refreshed to be back here now.
Just so this post still has some fashion talk, this is the top I was referring to before (I wore mine with more than just panties and socks).

WDB, like Agent Provocateur, has some gorgeous pieces in their collections, and like AP, has been consistently expensive enough to make me cry when I put my credit card details through. They can justify their prices thanks to the slew of celebrities seen donning their clothes. I feel like some of their designs are a bit tired and rehashed, just in different fabrics, so they’re not a brand I would buy from too often (what’s the point?). I currently own three pieces from WDB. The off-shoulder above, a singlet, and this Tres Jolie bustier.
That’s all tonight from this little filmmaker. I should probably do some work now…



  1. You're job is awesome!

    Can I come work with you? Haha XD

    I checked out the Wheels and Dollbaby site and OMFG there range of clothes are B.E.A.utiful!
    I think I'll have to treat myself next payday :-)
    Love that bustier!

  2. Haha Wheels and Dollbaby works well as an occasional treat, otherwise you end up with no money :(

    Lol sure come along, we could always use more art department volunteers :)

  3. Agreed!
    This pencil skirt I'm wanting from them is easily $220! Might consider that another time...

    I wish, keep a spot open just incase though :-)


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