Saturday, 17 August 2013



I know on the left side bar you can see what I've been up to on Instagram.

But cause I haven't done an Instagram post in a while I thought I'd bombard you with some pics of what I've been up to as a little taster of posts that are to come :-)

From left to right. Grilled lamb chops and potato bake I made for lunch before heading to work for my late night shift!
Having a 'girly makeup' day and putting my pout to the test with M.A.C's Lickable lippy.
Throwback Thursday! An oldie of me when I was young-in'.
Yay! My first ever Benefit makeup purchase!!!
L to R. My fave chocolate makers, Whittakers, took on the Kiwi fizzy drink L&P and fused it with white choc and popping candy, ummm delish!!!
Selfie :P
A pretty spider web I caught while on my way to work.
Benefit VS M.A.C, post still to come, it'll be worth it :-)

Early 6year Anniversary gift from Andrei :-)
Beautiful blue pearl and sterling silver ring from Pandora.

Another throwback of me and my amazing mother!
She was in hospital after having my baby brother and we were playing around with her makeup :-)

Outfit of the Day!
Burgundy skinny jeans and plain white T both from Country Road and my 'pregnancy approved' Sketchers High Top wedge sneakers plus my cute round 20week baby belly!

Lunch time! Pregnant cravings include Tomato's (duh!), avocado, salad, cheese on crackers YUMMO!

 So that's all I've been up to really, nothing too extravagant, just life :-)
I'm so so excited that in 5 days we get to know what I'm carrying!

A lot of our friends and family think that were carrying a boy, and I was pretty adamant on that too but now anything's possible!
Either way, Andrei and I will be stoked at anything as long as our baby is happy and healthy :-)

Until next time!



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