Thursday, 29 August 2013

Throwback Thursdays!

This is officially my first Throwback Thursday on my blog!

A few weeks ago I popped over to my dads place and were clearing out some old household junk when I came across these photos of me and my mum when I was 2years old.

Typical 90's kid wearing overalls, sneakers and a sweater on the inside with a side ponytail!

We were in hospital as my mum just had my little brother Dante (1993) and by the looks of it she got out her makeup case and we were having a little play around, as you do :-)

Putting lippy on my mums friend!

These photo's really warm my heart and really make me love my mum so much more!
When I showed her these we had a little cry as things have changed so much, what with me expecting my own baby girl very soon and all the things I can teach her from what my mum taught me is very exciting :-)

Mum has been such an amazing part of my life and I can't wait till my baby girl meets her.
Photo's like these also make me wonder what my baby will look like, if she'll have most of my features or half of mine and her dads......

One things certain, she's going to be a little blondie! And I have a sneaky suspicion that she'll inherit her dads blue eyes not my hazel eyes, but you never know....

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