Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Our weekend in Dunedin Part 1

The last time I went to Dunedin was almost two years ago on April 20th 2012 and that was for a getaway out of Auckland and out of the North Island, obviously.

This time around our trip was for a very very special occasion, Andrei's sisters wedding!
It was such a beautiful ceremony and everything was organised perfectly.
I really have to do this post in two parts as I have A LOT of pictures.

Luka was only 6weeks old when we made the trip and she was amazing the whole time!
She slept most of the time but was such an amazing little traveller, apart from the journey home but by that time we were all pretty tired and grumpy it was a full 4 days that we had!

The first day we arrived we headed to our hotel called Park Regis, we were given the master suite due to having Luka with us. It was a gorgeous room!!!
It was also used for some of the wedding photo's. you can keep an eye for a post about the wedding on Olesya's blog 'Hung Up On Makeup' .

Just two of the many silly photo's we took on the plane ride there. We were quite bored and Luka slept through the whole thing!

The lounge of our hotel room
Our room, Luka was also provided a port-a-cot

After getting settled in at the hotel we headed down to the hotels bar and I indulged in my fave beverage, Speights Apple Cider!
You can get it up in Auckland, but because it's made in Dunedin it tastes just that little bit better, more crisp and bubbly mmmmm :-)

After that Andrei, Luka and I headed out for a bite to eat and we ended up finding this cool Mexican Restaurant down a street of the main strip called Del Sol, and it is a funky place!
You have sombrero's at the table!!!

Couples selfie!

You can't see it properly but there is a bar in the middle of the restaurant
The place was packed and full of amazing energy, the food was pretty damn good too!
I ordered pulled pork tostadas, I can't remember what Drei ordered but I do remember trying it and it was pretty good too!

After that we went back to the hotel room, Luka woke up during our meal, so she could have a bit of play and then back for a nap then we went and saw Drei's dad, came back to the hotel again and saw Olesya one last time before her wedding the next day.

Luka was very unsettled after all the travelling we did that day and didn't go to sleep till about 12 or 1am!
No matter, we got some sleep eventually and then it was all go again at 5am and the day of the wedding :-)

I will update you on that next time...


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