Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Our weekend in Dunedin Part 2


So here's part 2 from the first post which you can read about HERE.

Now where was I? Ah yes, since we were lovingly woken up by L at 5am I was straight into action!
She had her feed, nappy change and a play while I used the time to have breakfast and get ready.
The wedding didn't start till 10 but having a small child makes getting ready in a certain time frame a huge mission, so I was kinda glad to be up at 5.

Here was my look..

I went for a simple/natural look with a light golden eye to bring out the hazel colour and a natural lip.
I used Benefit and M.A.C makeup to achieve this look.
And here are some pics taken of me, L and Andrei...

I wore my green ASOS maternity dress, a gold necklace and little gold earrings. 

It was a really gorgeous day, it really was!
The bride look beautiful, the groom very dashing (as did Andrei if I do say so myself) and everything was done to perfection!
The ceremony was a traditional Catholic setting, very heartfelt, and a lot of family input.
The reception was held at the gorgeous Glenfalloch Restaurants and the whole place is surrounded by beautiful gardens! I went for a few nice strolls with L, but she was sound asleep pretty much all day if not waking up for feeds and a bit of play time.
The reception was a wee bit noisy so I tried to stay in one spot the whole time, which made me feel bad for not socialising with the guests. I felt like a snob but I was trying to do best by my baby.
Otherwise it was a fantastic day! The food was great as well as the atmosphere and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't tear up because I so did! I've only been to one wedding before this one and I got there late, it was literally the end of the ceremony, so I didn't feel the celebration as much as I would've liked to so I was very happy to have been part of this one.
The bride and groom are so very much in love and I wish them the best :-)

The next two days after were very full on! Plenty of socialising and getting out and about around Dunedin.
There was one place I'd be dying to visit again since last time was Rob Roys Dairy!

Here's why...

I am a HUGE ice cream/dessert fanatic and there ice creams fit my appetite perfectly!
I think this two scoop serve only cost $3 but I can't remember :-(
Oh well, guess I'll have to make another trip to find out...and maybe buy another one...
Sad part about this pic is that the ice cream fell off while we were walking back to the hotel! But Drei was kind enough to give me his, I'm so lucky :-)

That day we had lunch at the Speights Ale House, said our good byes to guests and family, did touristy things like go see the Train Station, The First Church of Otago and before we knew it the day was over!

My dinner at the Ale House. Lamb shanks and in season veges mmmmm
On our last day L, Drei, my mother-in-law and Drei's aunt travelled out to Larnach Castle.
Due to it being summer I packed a dress and a light denim jacket thinking it'll be as warm in the South Island as it would be in the North.
It was freezing outside as it was in.

It wasn't a dress kinda day...

The castle was beautiful, if not a little creepy.
It has a very sad history and you could feel it in the place.
I've had my fair share of spooks in the past (trying not to sound crazy here) and I could definitely feel eyes watching me around the place!
The castle was made beautifully though, very intricate and pieces that had taken years to design, the gardens from what I saw looked incredible but it was too cold for me to have a look around!

After our tour we had lunch in the castles cafe and headed back to the hotel to get ready to go home.

The flight home was good, Luka was completely over the trip and Andrei and I were pretty exhausted ourselves.
Overall it was worth it, it was a lot of fun and we got to see faces that we hadn't seen in years.

I can't wait to go back to Dunedin, and who knows, maybe the next wedding invites to be sent will be from me and Andrei......
Until next time!


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