Monday, 27 February 2012

Winters on it's way...

Sigh..... That pretty much speaks for itself that I'm bummed that summer is ending, even though I worked through most of it but it was nice walking to work with the beautiful morning sun beaming down on my face :-)

Woke up this morning and it's freezing! And comes the afternoon and it rains cats and dogs, sucks...

On the brighter side, I was searching through my drawers through the weekend and found this little sterling silver jem!

I was given this by my sisters for my 13th Birthday (1million years ago!), the story behind it was my older sister brought for herself essentially and passed it on to each of her sisters, and cause I'm the youngest it stays in my possession for obvious reasons (yay!).
The reason why it's on that particualr finger...kinda hinting to my boyfriend of nearly 5 years that I would like a tiny sapphire diamond embedded in each heart when that time comes hehe XD
Yeah...he got the hint :-)

So may be I shall be expecting a question or lack of this year. I'm just happy to have this heirloom to pass onto my young one one day...

That's my little brag for the day!

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