Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pic of the day


Well I've decided to start a pic of the day, and it wouldn't be a "Tattoo Diary" without tattoos.
So to start it off I've added my very own tattoo (even though my first post was a picture of it).
I love this picture cause, to me, it shows the detail a bit better and the gothic inspiration behind the look.

The one just below it (make that two pics of the day!) was essentially my first design that I drew but I then collaborated with my tattooist and eventually came up with this, which to be honest is way better than my design but hey it's the first thing a drew in 3years so what really what is there to expect?

I can't wait till it's finished, enjoy!!!


  1. Wow, this took my breath away. Exquisite doesn't even come close to describing it; very evocative too. Stoked(!) to have discovered a tattoo-based blog by a Kiwi, no-less.

  2. Thank you for you're lovely comment Sarah, it's pretty eye catching and I can't wait till it's finished!
    It's awesome knowing there's more Kiwi's on here too, we have great inginuity :D

    P.S Love you're blog!


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