Saturday, 31 March 2012

New tattoo design

The last week I've been working on and off with my 4th and 5th tattoo design as I have had a busy and tiring schedule all week.

But here as I promised at the end of my Black and Gold post (which you can reference here ) is my latest French Art Nouveau inspired tattoo from start to finish:

1: Starting off. It already looks pretty :-)

2: I Thought this was finished but I wasn't so happy with how cluttered it looked

3: End product!

After getting opinions from friends of what I could do to change it up as I thought it looked too cluttered, I thought I'd ask my manager at work and she advised that I remove the spikes that were sticking out.
I was a bit sceptical at first as I wanted to incorporate some of my first tattoo into this but I'm glad I took her advice as I was originally going to remove the star in the middle which has always been my signature edition to any art work I do.

I personally think it looks feminine and very Art Nouveau, I gave a subtle red tint which makes it pop but the real hero was my Black Beauty art pencil!

I will be getting this and another copy of this tattoo but different words on my upper thighs as there is plenty of room to fit this piece of art on them (LOL).
The words, however, are a quote from one my favourite movies The Moulin Rouge which in French (I have strong French ancestry BTW) mean's 'Truth (Verite!), Beauty (La Beaute'), Freedom (La Liberte') and Love (L' Amour)'.

So what do you think of this? Anything you could recommend for me to change or add onto it?

Hope you enjoyed, I'm soon off with my best friend into town to go get our Evanescence Cd's signed off by the band who did a concert last night at The Vector Arena in Auckland and I'm super excited as they are one of my favourite rock bands! :-)

Lotsa love xx


  1. I love the design :)

  2. Thanks @Vivian :)
    I've just checked out you're blog and I must say it's very pretty and I'm now following you, care to as well?

    Much love!


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