Sunday, 2 September 2012

Makeup and new beginnings

Hey everyone!

This will be my first post in almost a month, and let me just say a lot has happened!

So before I go any further I would like to welcome my newest followers and also my BBF Minna Chen who is my new co-author!
She's written the last two posts, if you haven't read them already please do you will not be disappointed :-)

So just a quick update with me, I was told two weeks ago that my job with The Department of Corrections sadly ended as my fixed term contract wasn't to be re-newed, that wrapped up just this Friday so I'm now in the process of looking for work.
So far I've have had two interviews with retail stores (a huge change from my last administration role!), I didn't get one of the jobs but the other one is looking very hopeful!

It's with a men's clothing store called Hallensteins. The first stage of the interview went fantastic and yesterday I went in for an hour to show them my retail skills. I can happily say that went fantastic as well!
In the first hour I approached and offered any assistance to customers telling them about specials the store had going etc and made a sale!
My interviewer was definitely impressed and I should be hearing back from them this Monday so fingers crossed!

Another update is before I left my job I was involved with a Biggest Loser Challenge with other staff members which started in the beginning of August.
I started at 66kg, so I watched what I ate and exercised regularly.
I didn't want to weigh myself till the end of each month (competition was due to finish in November) to avoid obsession, I did see results though!
My skin cleared up, I was a size smaller, my muscles were toning up and I had soo much energy!
Last Friday I was 64kg, and that was on a tummy full of food from the going away party my workmates held for me! So I'd only lost 2kg since the start of August which isn't bad!
So I will definitely be keeping that up, I hope to be 59kg by November which is a healthy weight on my tiny 5'4 frame :-)

64kg and loving it! Top by Max NZD$69 (SALE), Jeans Levi's Curve I.D in Bold skinny NZD$120

Unfortunately due to my job not being continued I started to stress, thus causing my skin to breakout again....very badly.

My M.A.C Studio Sculpt foundation hasn't been agreeing with my skin as it did when I was 18, so time for a change!
Yesterday I went into the M.A.C store and got some assistance; essentially I wanted a foundation that gave me natural to medium coverage with a dewy finish.
The lovely girl that helped me directed me to the liquid Pro Longwear foundation in  NW20 (very different from my usual NC25 colour) and did a test run on my skin.

M.A.C Pro longwear foundation in NW20, M.A.C Red lipstick, The Body Shop Define and Lengthen Mascara

I am and was rather impressed with how natural it made my complexion look :-)
The retail assistant (I didn't get her name unfortunately) also used the Prep Prime base, Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC20 (for eyes and blemishes), and the Mineralize Satin finish Natural powder in Light.

The before an after look was amazing, I loved the satin finish, and I was so happy with how helpful the assistance was so I picked up the foundation for a a rather expensive but worth it charge of NZD$70 plus having some more things to add to my makeup shopping list I.E Primer, concealer , podwer and brushes!

I've always loved M.A.C's makeup, I've tried branching out with other cosmetics but none seem to come close to how good M.A.C suits my skin (especially foundation).
Actually I lie, I've currently used Shiseido's The Makeup stick foundation in I 40.
That has given me an amazing natural coverage and a beautiful satin glow as well, I've also used Clinque and Bobby Brown foundations in the past which have been impressive as well!

M.A.C Red lipstick, best red shade I've used!
Received with taking back 6 empty M.A.C Containers :-)
 Another quick update before I go!

I've been accepted into a Graphic Design course next year with Natcoll (very good Design school) which will run for 15weeks and will get me a Certificate in Graphic Design (of course), that will grant me Entry into University and do further study of Graphic Design and Visual effects, exciting much?!

I have another job interview tomorrow with another NZ retail store called Mr. Vintage so wish me luck and I hope to have something soon!

You'll be hearing from me again soon, hope I didn't brag too much, I obviously need to put more entries :P

Have a safe weekend all I'm now off to bake some cookies!



  1. Hello!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I really appreciate it!
    I'm so happy to hear you've seen positive results!:) I can see them too - you're VERY gorgeous! My goodness!:O Just striking!

    I looove MAC Red, it's one of my faves. It's so bright and the finish is lovely. Great blog, hun! <33 New follower here.:)

  2. Aww thank you soo much @Red Lips, Black Hair!
    That is the most nicest comment I've recieved!

    I find that the same with MAC Red, it's different from all different red shades I've tried and I can happily say I'm addicted to it!
    I even smudge it in to my cheeks to give them a natural blush :D


  3. I love mac & this lipstick.

    1. Hi Nora!
      The colour is amazing right?!
      I've checked out you're blog and you're MAC collection is amazing! I love you're winged liner as well :-)

      I am offically you're newest follower, I can look past not being able to read French :D


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