Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Good food at the Occidental

So last weekend before my last interview test with Hallensteins (you can read all about it in my last post 'Makeup and new Beginnings') my boyfriend Andrei and I decided to get some breakfast at a place we have never eaten before.

The usual places we would normally go was McDonald's, Subway or little cafes around were we lived.
Instead, we went into the city and walked down one of the many little streets browsing for a place that caught our eye.

One in particular was a Belgian / German Cafe called Occidental Bar which is located on Vulcan Lane off Queen Street in Auckland City.
Prior to coming here we have been to dinner at a very similar cafe called Blankenberge Belgian Beer Cafe, and every Tuesdays they have a special on $15 1/2 Kilo steaks and a side of fries .

We took an instant liking to the atmosphere, very casual, spacious and nice and quite where we could talk and have some good food.
Here is what we ordered for breakfast:


Me: Hot chocolate with a  yummy German Biscuit on the side

Andrei: Frothy hot coffee with the same cookie (that cookie was damn good!)


Me: Fluffy pancake stack with maple syrup, cream, sliced bananas and mixed berries and a side of hash browns

Andrei: Occidental Big Breakfast (typical man choice haha) grilled bacon, tomato, Belgian sausage, creamy mushroom, hash browns, poached eggs and toasted grain bread.


Our yummy food! Sorry this photo does Andrei's meal no justice!

I can happily say that I was impressed with the quality and presentation of the food.
The pancakes were fluffy and pretty much to-die-for as you can see from the photos and both meals were very filling I also loved how my hot chocolate was presented in a beer type glass!

The service of the staff was great, especially since it was so early in the morning and we both enjoyed the vibe of the restaurant which is the same as we get at Blankenberge and a reason why we visit there often now :-)

Although I loved my pancakes I just couldn't stop staring at Andrei's breakfast platter!
And seeing as breakfast is the most important meal of the day I decided that I'll get what Andrei ordered next time we visited :D

So if you live in Auckland or ever plan on making a visit to Auckland (for my overseas readers) The Occidental is definitely the place you wanna sit down and have a good breakfast or a good beer (later in the day of course or maybe breakfast if it takes you're fancy).

I'll have more great food spot reviews around Auckland soon everyone, in the mean time I hope this doesn't make you too hungry ;-)



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  2. Hey Vanessa!
    Thanks for directing me to you're blog, I've checked it out and I do love the welcoming message you have and it is very unique I love it!

    Def following and hope to hear more from you :-)


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