Sunday, 23 September 2012

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

Hi Everyone!

About a week ago I went into the city to hand around some of my C.V 's.
Unfortunately I am still unemployed.
No matter, I've been settling into unemployment quite well with all the housework and cooking I've been doing I'll be the perfect housewife!

JOKING! I am too much of a feminist for that :P But I do love a clean house and I do like to cook!

Back to story!
So As I was handing my C.V's out I recall that a new milk and cookie bar had opened up and some of my friends had paid a visit and LOVED it!
I instantly saw me having the time to blitz in the city as an opportunity to check out this milk and cookie bar cleverly named, Moustache. (I instantly thought milk moustache?)

I tell you one thing, it was not hard to find.

If you're a local in the Auckland area you'll probably already know where it is, but just in case here's a link to it's website just to be safe (MOUSTACHE).

I kid you not there was a line that was 4metres long!
So I thought 'what the hell' and waited patiently in line, not for that long though, and ordered a chocolate chip cookie which was almost as big as my head!
And to keep with the cookie theme, I ordered a cookies & cream milkshake, yum.

The problem that I have with milkshakes, though, it that the mix always tends to stick to the roof of my mouth, I do find that it kills the 'yummy factor' I wish to experience, but I didn't find that at all with this place!

Chocolate Chip Cookie $4, Cookies & Cream Milkshake $7.50. Enjoying consuming these delicious treats, priceless. For everything else, there's MasterCard XD (sorry I just had to add that in!)
Anyway, here's a few pictures I took inside of Moustache, it's a pretty cool place!

The awesome hanging milk bottles

Everything is made in front of you!
Some of the 4meter long line!
I loved the interior design of the place, like how there were lighted up milk bottles hanging above the counter and how the menu was displayed on a chalkboard and the the cookies were (for obvious reasons) displayed in large cookie jars, and behind the counter were old milk bottles and candy jars sitting on the shelves.

The place definitely gets you're taste buds going!

Everything is also made right in front of you, which I like :-)
The staff were so friendly, despite how busy it was!

The service was amazing, I wasn't left waiting long, and above everything else the quality of the produce exceeded my expectations, I'll definitely be going back!
The only thing that was a let down was how small the place was so there was no room for more seating, there were a few seats at the front, but otherwise the place is fantastic :-)

So friends, Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar is the place to be in the City of Sails aka Auckland City. And if you haven't already been there (for those locals) get there, you wont be disappointed!

Enjoy the rest of you're weekend everyone!



  1. Like the interior? we are the designers for Moustache milk & cookie bar. Have a look behind the scenes and more at our website

    1. I absolutely LOVE the interior!
      You guys did a fantastic job, it's creative and suits well with what Moustache is wanting to represent with there franchise :-)
      Thank you for checking out my blog Mimco Inc, you guys rock! Looking forward to seeing you're website once the construction has finished :-)

  2. Hello. i think u have very inspiring blog here , good fun reading it.Would be really cool if we follow each other. Let me know xxx

  3. Hey Julia!
    Thank for checking out my blog :-)
    I've left a comment on you're latest blog post, you are super creative and fun!
    Can't wait to see more from you and I would be rapt to start following eachother :-)

  4. i wish we had this bar in out town. it is sooo cool xxx

    1. It is very cool!
      I think this might be an opportunity for you to visit NZ :-)


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