Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sal's Authentic NY Pizza, in Auckland

A few weekends ago I finally convinced my boyfriend, Andrei, to go to this amazing pizzeria in the city after about a year of trying!

Needless to say, it was love at first bite!

The pizzeria I'm talking about is an awesome American/Kiwi run family business called Sal's Authentic New York Pizza; and to have something like that in NZ is like you're finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

What we call pizza here is Dominos and Pizza Hut.
And after trying Sal's, Dominos and Pizza Hut were easily well forgotten.

Image provided by Sal's website
There are a few little spots provided around Auckland I.E. K'Rd, Takapuna, New Market, Commerce Street - which is the one we went to and it was packed!

Commerce Street store

Awesome birds eye view NY Wallpaper
We managed to get a table after ordering an 18' Meatball pizza for two people :P
Don't judge, I'd just finished work and I was starving!

And here's the gold....

I'm in love!

One slice was almost as big as my head!

leftovers :-)
The size of the pizza was outstanding! It's exactly what you see in the movies which Drei and I couldn't stop buzzing about.
The flavours, however, were another story. A deliciously good story.

I kid you not, y-know how with most pizza you can really taste only one or two flavours, whether it be the pepperoni or tomato paste, with this pizza you could taste EVERYTHING!
Everything from the mixed herb seasoning, to the cheese, tomato paste and the meatball it was simply heaven :-)
The base as well was fresh and crispy and not too oily, bonus!
And whats better as that you needed both hands to hold up the pizza and (movie ref again!) the cheese strung out like you see in the movies ahhhh it was too cool!!!! :D

Can you tell I'm impressed yet?
I've been to Sal's before and always had there Garlic Knots (to die for!), but there pizza is beyond incredible.
I tell ya, the Americans know their stuff! And it's so cool when you get that kind of food quality because you have stories like this that make what you do worth it all the more :-)

So Sal's, you guys are amazing. The service of you're staff at Commerce was excellent too, very friendly and genuine despite how hectic and late it was getting :-)

I recommend you read their story too so you can appreciate the love that goes into the pizza. It's all based on feeling and knowing you're food, something I think we all can relate too :-)

The man himself, Sal (right). Not afraid to get his hands dirty and connect with staff.
Drei and I managed two slices each before we were stuffed, a whole pizza like that could feed at least four people, so get a group together and go! It's well worth the experience and they have awesome combo meals that are worth the price you pay. Quality over quantity I always say!

So have any of tried Sal's or have had an amazing food experience like I did?
Or do you have any food secrets that are a hit every time?
I would love to hear them!

Thanks for reading :-)


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