Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Year, new posts!

Hi everyone!

Hope you've all been well and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

First things first, apologies for my abscence, It's been a very busy past few months with Christmas, New Years and also Birthday Celebrations that have come up.

Although it sounds like a lot it hasn't really been too hectic. Such as my Christmas celebrations were quite quiet and spent with mine and my partner Andrei's family which I really enjoyed as every year I feel like I have to put my heart and soul into making it a great day but it more relaxed this year which was great :-)

New Years was spent at home this year with the family (it was celebrated in the city last year) so I didn't feel too bad "almost" polishing off a 1Litre Beer mug full of cider per my pic below!
My resolutions...... keep trying......try a little more.....just do it....just try doing it.......and keep trying to do it!
Yeah I was a little drunk :P but hey it made for an easy resolution this year!

This month in Birthday's were my big sister Shalon's and my mum Avice's. Quiet celebrations again with family around, summer BBQ's and plenty of laughs :-)

The weather has been great so far too! I had a few day's off work last week so Andrei, my little brother Dante, his girlfriend and I hit Shakespear Beach - the most coolest beach in Auckland!
I also got a wee bit brown which I'm stoked about as last summer rained way too much so that made for a long winter!

Below are some pics of what I've been up to and other activities I've ended up doing :-)
Celebrated my New Year with a pint of cider!

Went to a local Strawberry Farm and had a delicious homemade ice cream plus brought some of their freshly grown produce!

Watched some classics :-)
Some Like it Hot, Breakfast at Tiffany's & The Seven Year Itch

Drew this fabulous Christian Louboutin inspired shoe for my work place!

And chilled out at one of Auckland's finest beaches!

So that is what my new year has consisted of so far.
It's a little brief, but I'm not finished yet, you'll get more dets a little later :-)

Another quick update too! It's my Birthday tomorrow so you'll be hearing about what I got up to, clothes I wore and makeup that was applied. I can't wait to show you!
This year in Tattoos & Vintage Diamonds is looking quite promising :-)

I've also made a page for my blog on Facebook too, check it out and please feel free to follow here.
Cheer for reading and take care my lovlies!!!!


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