Monday, 11 February 2013

Birthday Celebrations

pretty balloons I hung up to get into the 'birthday' mood
So my 22nd Birthday was at least a month ago, I can hardly believe it!
I've left it a bit late to post about what I got up to; but I guess it's never too late :P

So on January 17th I made very low key plans to celebrate which was to stay home, clean the house, bake a caramel chocolate torte I saw on James Martin's "Just Desserts" iPhone app and to go to my favourite diner 'Ollies' with my family :-)

My yummy caramel chocolate torte! Didn't turn out as I expected, it became a frozen dessert and I added in 'coffee' - well I actually burnt the chocolate :P

 Makeup I wore for the evening. Black eyeliner and red lips

Ollie's Burgers and Ice Cream! I'll do a review on this later

Dinner with family consisted of Hawaiian burger combos!
And dessert consisted of banana split sundaes!

Outfit I wore to my get together with friends a few days later! swapped my leather pumps for my Overland Wedges :-)

Went to a local pub a few days after to do some belated celebrating with friends

I swear I only had the one cider!

Me and my gorgeous man Andrei

Still looking semi-normal at the end of the night!

The outfit :-)

So that was my birthday this year :-)
Quite an intimate celebration with those closest, it was more than I could ask for!
Can't wait for next year!!!

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