Thursday, 31 January 2013

Black & Blonde

First look I gave my viewers on Instagram and my Facebook page :-)

It's the last day on January *sigh.
I don't know what it is about January that I love so much, I love that I'm always relaxed and feel tranquillity from the hot summer days, the warm breeze and especially going to the beach and eating fish & chips!

Or may be it's cause my birthday's in January......

Any who, I'm at a net cafe listening to Metallica's "Turn the Page", it's a song a strongly relate to and above all else I love Metallica :D

Yesterday I went back to Total Care Hair and Beauty salon as I've officially become my dear friend Daena's hair model as part of her hairdressing training :-)
At the moment she's trying her magic hands at cascading (or ombre) hair and I didn't hesitate to put my hand up!

Here's the low down...

Starting out

Hairs looking a wee bit sad :-(

Remember this baby!!!! #spaceship

Does this look suit me?

It took two and a half hours to foil and clean my hair up, but that was ok. Time flew by with all the chatting and foiling of the ends of my hair Daena was doing :P

And it was well worth the wait as miss Daena did a fantastic job!


I was a bit bored this morning and put some black smoke on my eyes :-)

End result
I love my new look, I was scared it wouldn't suit me but I fought the fear and did it anyway!
And it didn't cost me an arm and a leg :P

So now you've seen the 'Blonde', it's now time for the 'Black' in "Black & Blonde".

  • The Body Shop BB Cream in 01
  • Clinique City Stick Concealer in 10
  • M.A.C Pro Longwear Foundation in NW20
  • M.A.C MSFN powder in light
  • M.A.C Peachy Keen blush
  • M.A.C paint pot in Bare Study - all over lid
  • M.A.C Blanc Type - all over lid and upper brow bone
  • M.A.C Knight Devine e/s - in crease, 3/4 eye lid
  • Collection 2000 black Kohl e/l - on upper and lower lash line and rim
  • The Body Shop 'Starlight' e/s - black half used over lid, in crease and lower lash line for dramatic effect
  • Vaseline for eyelashes
  • M.A.C Red satin lipstick
  • Calvin Klein lipgloss in Taffy
Very achievable look I must say :-)
So waddaya think?
I hope you like my latest and last post for the month of January, there's plenty more to come!



  1. It looks gorgeous and you totally have the look to pull it off x

    1. Thanks so much!
      The feedback I've been getting is truely amazing :-)

  2. I love your new look. I've been trying for years to color my hair back to it's original color but am so scared. I just have to go for it. I love Metallica. =)

    1. Hey Val!
      I know there is this hair dye stripping serum called 'MYHD', so if you want to go back to you're original colour I would recommed reserching that stuff up. It will strip the nutrients from you're hair, but not washing you're hair for a few days afterward will restore it :-)
      I tried dying my hair blonde with a home kit years ago and it turned ORANGE! It took two years to grow it all out, so embarassing!
      So go to you're hairdresser and see what they can do for you :-)
      Just go for it ;-)


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