Monday, 7 October 2013

Quick little catch up...

Hey Everyone!

It's been a few weeks and there is just so much I want to update and blog about; but life's hectic schedule has prevented me a wee bit lately!

To keep you in the loop of what's been happening Andrei and I have moved out of our old grungy place and are now staying with my mumma till early next year when we'll move into our own home with Luka :-)
That's taken up quite a lot of our time with the move plus with work commitments and what not.

I saw my midwife the other week and requested another scan which I'll be getting in two weeks time, I can't wait to see how big bug is getting! Plus I also requested a maternity leave note from her and will officially be finishing up work middle of next month then all that leaves me is a month and a few weeks to nest, relax and enjoy this amazing NZ Summer and then Luka will be in the world forever :-)

My 26 week bump :-)
Also on another note, my gym, Configure Express, have asked me to write up an article on why exercising while you're pregnant is A-OK!
They know that I have this blog so they thought I'd be the perfect candidate for it plus also state the obvious on eating healthy.
It was such an honor! I've written it up already and they love it, there now going to get some photo's of me and then we'll have the article up very soon :-)
I'll definitely be posting about it once it's in full swing.

A photo I've taken so far for my gym article. Decked out from head to toe in Nike, a very good reminder to 'Just Do It' even when you're carrying :-)

Oh yes I did mention it's Summer here in NZ (FINALLY)!!! Well actually Spring, but the weather has been beautiful and it makes me hopeful for a few road trips to the Coromandel with Andrei before baby arrives plus many Summer outfits to share with you too.
It's also my 1 year Anniversary with working at Overland on the 11th and each year that you're employed under the company you get a special little discount off shoes or a voucher.
We're in our Summer Range at the moment and I've got my beady eyes on these beauties...

Overland Footwear 'Bambie' sandal

Strappy stilettos are definitely in this Summer so I thought I'd keep up (albeit being 6months pregnant) and get these once my anniversaries here.
Hey a girls gotta look good, plus they're really comfy (really) and at a great height so come 9months along I should still be able to rock em' ;-)
Of course I do have some flats and platform wedges on my list too, I'm not that impractical :P

So that's it really, I'll leave you with my pregnancy update and will be in touch soon with my outfit from my baby shower next post :-)

How far along? Now 27weeks pregnant! (6months) Only two more weeks to go and I'll be in the Third Trimester.

Total weight gain/loss? I'm now 67.8kgs, baby's been growing rapidly and should now weigh almost 1pound.

Maternity clothes? Still nothing, I can fit my jeans with a belly belt. I've had to buy larger tops though cause my pre-preg ones are too small and keep riding up. I will be looking into buying dresses and some new pants soon. In all honesty I don't want to buy maternity wear as I don't know when I'll be pregnant again.

Stretch marks? Nothing new. I have old stretch marks from when I was heavier in my teens but no new ones. I'm still using Bio Oil and drinking plenty of fluids, eating healthy-ish and exercising which is keeping my skin supple.

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, feeling a bit short of breath when I'm constantly moving.

Sleep: Sleeps great, can't sleep in belly anymore and I hate it when I sleep on one side for too long my hips get pins and needles. I'm getting used to Luka moving around more at night too, she eventually settles down.
I also had my first late night snack! It was 3am and I woke up and could not get back to sleep, Luka was kicking and my tummy was grumbling so I got up, made myself a bowl of corkflakes, played some Candy Crush, read a magazine and before I knew it it was quarter to 5!

Best moment this week? Getting the opportunity to write my gym article :-)

Miss anything? There are things that I miss, my old body, certain foods but I love being pregnant; and I won't be for long so I'm enjoying it :-)

Movements? Oh my gosh yes! They're getting more stronger each week. You can start to see her kicking too and when Andrei lay's his head on my belly and talks to Luka she kicks him in the head it's so funny/cute! She's moved up from my belly button to my ribs now, I feel little butterfly kicks for now but I'm not looking forward to the full on boots in the ribs!

Food cravings? It's the funniest things but I'm still loving my salad, avocado, tomato and cheese on crackers!
Oh plus I had these amazing waffles and ice cream from this ice cream bar literally right next to my work place so I've been killing for another plate....

Starting to show? Per the first picture above, I think it's pretty obvious :-)

Happy or moody most of the time? My moods are well balanced, I'm happy and sad when I need to be.

Exercising? Yup! I managed gym twice this week. I live a bit further away from the gym now so instead of walking 15mins there and then 15mins back home it's now a 45-50mins walk each way which I totally don't mind as the weather has been stunning!
Then I work out for 45-50mins and I just feel amazing! It makes me feel like a bit of boss too haha, 6months preg and still going strong yeah buddy!

Baby is a: Girl!

Belly button in or out? In.

Looking forward to? Getting a new pair of shoes, wearing more dresses, my gym article and my next scan to see little Luka :-)



  1. I'm not pregnant but my mum always told me that the way she kept her figure was by exercising whilst being pregnant so good on you for telling people about the benefits of this and HUGE congratulations :) you look fabulous!

    Lots of love, Em x

    1. Aww thanks so much Em! It makes me feel so much better after exercising too :-)
      Glad to hear that you're mum kept it up to, kids definitely follow by example!
      Also thanks on the new follow, I am now following you too, can't wait to see more instore :D



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