Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Outfit Of The Night and 30week update

It's taken me a while to finally get this up cause I've been waiting for the weather to warm up and also to have an adequate amount of time to get outside and take some pics of the outfit I wore for my baby shower.

My mumma helped me take these photo's in her beautiful garden :-)

 Dress // unknown label // brought 3years ago and the shower was the first time I'd worn it! Can't remember the cost
Heels // Siren from Wild Pair (old purchase) // NZD$80
Statement necklace // Colette Hayman // NZD$5.70 from NZD$22!
I wanted to wear something light, flowy and feminine and maybe something a little sexy too ;-)
I honestly can't remember the last time I did and 'outfit' post!
My goal for pregnancy summer fashion (and afterwards) is maxi dresses, wedge heels, statement necklaces and all items combined with plenty of colour I.E. yellows, reds, oranges, blues, crisp whites and mint.
I'm finding fashion is anyone's game these days, I'm not fashionista and still pretty much live in my jeans and t-shirts!
But working in fashion retail has opened my eyes up to new ways of dressing up even you're simple plain white T and blue denim.
I can't wait to update you more on my pregnancy style, watch this space!

How far along? 30 weeks! Only 10 or so more weeks to go, I cannot believe how fast time has flown!!!
Total weight gain/loss? 69.58kgs (153.39pounds). I've gained a total of 8.98kgs since my pregnancy started (21.09pounds) which isn't that much. In total I'm aiming to gain a minimum of 13kgs.
Also we had a growth ultra sound for Luka last week and she's happy, healthy and weighs approx 3pounds!
No wonder I feel so heavy in my belly...

Maternity clothes? Alright I know I've said before that I don't want to fish out for maternity gear, well I caved.
My body has been growing at an extremely fast rate the last few weeks, thus being unable to fit into my usual size NZ 8/10 jeans and now being able to fit comfortably into size NZ 12's.
I finish work in just a few short weeks so instead of me buying jeans I brought this beautiful dress from ASOS as well as this one when it was available in orange (I'd wanted it for months and brought for the sale price of NZD$85 from NZD$170!), but that one is a little to snug around my belly so that'll be saved till after Luka's born :-)
Otherwise that gorgeous aqua blue/green dress is the only thing I've brought maternity wise, it's now warmer here in NZ so I doubt I'll be wearing jeans!
Stretch marks? Still none, I'm using Mum to Be Organics stretch mark oil as well as good ol' Bio Oil.
Symptoms: Absent mindedness, shortness of breath, sore feet and legs, tummy heaviness, rapid hair and nail growth (yay) which is all common for around this stage of my pregnancy. Also pelvic floor pain which started about a month ago but is bothersome every now and then.

Sleep: Is great. I'm used to Luka moving a around at night now so I sleep more soundly.
Best moment this week? Would've been last weekend actually, it was labour weekend so Andrei and I stayed at our friends' place out of Auckland in the Waikato region and then the next day road tripped it to my fave place in NZ (and possibly the world), Whangamata. We walked along the beach, had some ice cream and then shot off home it was really lovely to escape out of the city chaos!

Miss anything? Hmmm... Nope nothing really :-)
Movements? Yeah, she's always moving! Having little boxing rounds in my belly and rolling about, I love it :-) I'm actually going to miss feeling her movements when she's here.
Labour signs? No. Not planning on feeling anything this early!

Food cravings? Apples and apple juice strangely enough! Still fruits though, strawberries are in season and I've made a few trips to a local strawberry farm which I've indulged in their yummy ice creams and brought a few packs of strawberries :-)
Starting to show? As per the photo's above I think I am starting to show :-)
Happy or moody most of the time? I was a bit up and down over the weekend as I worked quite a few shifts last week so I was a bit tired and grumpy. But now that I've had a good rest I'm fine :-)

Exercising? Yup, I didn't go to the gym last week due to the amount of shifts I picked up and I wanted to rest and conserve as much energy as possible. But I did do quite a lot of walking, I'd say about 5hours last week, 30mins to my bus stop and back.
I went to the gym today and cause my belly's getting so big now I've slowed right down and certain exercises are becoming difficult so I'm just really going at my own pace.

Baby is a: Girl!
Belly button in or out? In. It's starting to look slanted so I think it'll pop out any week now.
Looking forward to? Receiving my ASOS maternity dress, work leaving party and work Christmas party (it's Great Gatsby themed!). My last trip to Whangamata in early December with some friends before baby arrives and of course meeting Luka very soon :-)


  1. that dress is adorable & you're looking great!!

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    1. Hi again Mark!
      I did all my research before I got my tattoo done almost 2years ago now. I even went into various tattoo parlors before choosing one that I was comfortable with as well as choosing an excellent tattooist.
      The cost to get my tattoo was $350per hour (NZD) and it took 2 and half hours to do the work.
      It's still unfinished, just needs to be shaded, but I actually quite like it how it is.


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