Friday, 31 January 2014

Luka Anya - 1 month old

Just look as those big beautiful eyes!
Ok so she was officially on Monday 27th just gone.
Anyway, this last month has been a roller coaster of excitement, heartache, exhaustion but none the less the most rewarding, yet, thankless job ever.

Since Luka was born so much had happened. She's gained weight, has developed physically and mentally at such an alarming rate I am really quite surprised :-)

Here's some pics of her in the last month...

Loves sucking on her fingers!

Pretty in pink!

Loves with nanna

Curious of her surroundings during tummy time!

"Why so serious?"

Family photo for my 23rd Birthday
Weight: Luka's starting weight was 2.7kgs (5.4pounds) and it fluctuated more so down than up in the first few weeks and now she's clocked in at 3.5kg thanking her growth spurt at 3weeks she now weighs and is the size of a normal newborn baby :-)

Sleep: She sleeps really well, when she's settled enough. She's more so settled at night time. She goes down about 10:30-11pm and wakes every 3 hourly for feeding which usually takes 40mins to an hour due to her being wide awake and fussy after feeding or after a nappy change. Her first feed of the day starts at 8am and she's usually awake for 3hours before sleeping for at least an hour or two then she's awake and bursting with energy for another 2-3hours.

Diet: Her whole diet is breast milk and she feeds from 10-20mins on one breast. We've developed a good latch system since week 4 and she feeds for the first 5mins before needing to be burped then from there she goes for at least another 10mins before feeding herself to sleep and she feeds about 6times a day including early morning feeds.

Crying: Well you know how I mentioned how placid she was, well she's made me eat my words!
For the tiny size she is she sure can shake a house down with her screaming!
I blame the pethadine that I had during birth for mellowing her out in the first week. She rose with a vengance once that week was over!
And most of her screaming is cause she doesn't like being put down, something that Andrei and I have started weaning her off (being held all the time). It's taken us 4 long hard days of weaning, picking her up when she cries until she's soothed thus making her know she's safe then gently putting her back down and holding her hands to let her know there's nothing to be afraid of. This technique was recommended from a baby book we have and so far it's started to work in the last 2days albeit having to do it 50million times in an hour! Were gonna keep this up until she's more compliant but otherwise her screaming a caused by hunger, full diaper, fussiness, over tiredness, boredom or loneliness. Y-know, the usual.

Social: Luka's very sociable and loves her cuddles! She's very good around people and doesn't fuss too much when being held by other people but she let's you know when she's had enough of being held by a stranger (to her) and wants to either go back to mum or dad. Typical baby :-)

Milestones: Luka loves her tummy time! She kicks and squirms a lot and can shift her whole body around as well as hold her head up for a good 20seconds before she gets tired, sometimes longer. She's also starting to roll herself over which is very advanced for a 1month old baby!
Her eye sights developing more and she's becoming more aware of her surroundings.
Were watching out for her first smile which she should do by next week when she's 6weeks (fingers crossed!) and she's a very good traveller :-)

Postpartum: The last month has been quite good to me apart from my stitches taking 3weeks to heal. I haven't gained much weight. I gained approx 12.2kgs throughout my pregnancy, my starting weight was 60.1kgs and I'm now at 69.2kgs. I'm eating very healthily, a lot of home cooked meals, drinking plenty of water, eating salads etc. I haven't done much in the way of exercise (apart from using Luka as a weight when I do lunges to the mail box and back and doing arm lifts haha) as I'm taking the first 6weeks to settle into mummy hood then I'll be going for walks with Luka, going back to the gym once a week and I've also purchased a kettleball set which I can use at home when Luka's sleeping.
I know it's taken me 9months for my body to get the way it was but I can't wait to get back to my pre-preg body.

So that's her first month in a nutshell. Will keep you updated for her second month of milestones and photo's etc. Hopefully not too many pics next time although I know there will be as were going to Dunedin next week for Andrei's sisters wedding which you can check out on her blog 'Hung up, On Makeup', but Lukas 6week vaccinations are that week so we'll see how she responds to them first.
Until next time!


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