Saturday, 4 January 2014

Introducing Luka Anya

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm so excited to share with you what we've all been waiting for since May which is the birth of mine and Andrei's daughter, Luka Anya Linda Cher-Amour Monet.

Here's some pics of our beautiful baby who was born on Friday 27th December 2013 at 5:56am and weighed 2.475kg (5pounds, 4ounces).


I cannot believe she's a week old already, time has just flew by!
Andrei and I have been keeping very busy with her though, trying to establish a routine (not working right now as she's too little, about 6weeks a routine will probably be easier to establish), changing, feeding, going out with her and just overall enjoying her in this state.
In regards to her name; Luka was given to her before we knew she was a girl.
We thought we were having a boy and just always spoke to my belly as Luka and from there it kinda stuck.
It has no significant meaning but she'll add a meaning to it by just living a good, hardworking prosperous life and being a good person :-)
Anya is from her grandmother (my mother in law) who's name is Annette and the name Anne has had a long run in her family history so we decided to give Luka the Russian version of Anya as she's half Kiwi from me and Russian from her dad.
Linda is from her other grandmother (my mumma), Cher~Amour means 'Dear Love' in French as she is 'dearly loved' from our friends and her family and Monet's from my favourite artists Claude Monet who painted such intricate, colourful and lively paintings that I feel Luka to be like and just as beautiful as they are :-)
She is so so precious and has such a placid nature (gets it from her mumma :D ) but she does have one good war cry on her!
Our New Years Eve was celebrated by trying to calm her down, she started screaming from 10pm 31.12.13 till 1am 01.01.14!
And all she wanted was to be in the baby backpack, take notes! Andrei and I also thought it would've been cause she went on her first outing that day, we've been taking her out ever since to get her used to travelling and she is fantastic!
She sleeps and dreams a lot, and when she's awake she is very alert and is curious of her surroundings.
She also used to using a pacifier and baby bottles for when I pump milk and she loves to suck on her and mine and Dreis fingers, it is so cute!
She really has no idea how much she has effected Drei and I and also our family.
I can't wait to see how she'll turn out :-)
I'll be posting about my birth story soon so watch this space!

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