Friday, 2 March 2012


Happy Friday!!! (And thank god to it! )

I had the most busiest day at work, it just wouldn't stop going! I took down 2 hours of meeting notes and just wouldn't stop rushing about; although it was quite productive and made my day go by splendidly so I can't really complain :-)

Plans for the weekend, however, is to go to my favourite thrift store (and little piece of heaven) in all of New Zealand..... Recycle Boutique!
They range from you're everyday lables such as Glassons, Cotton etc etc but most importantly, because being based in the city, they have Designer labels too ranging from Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin (who I snagged an amazing pair of nude heels at just $60 authentic too!), and some great New Zealand Designers such as Trelise Cooper, Lonely Hearts, Karen Walker and many more....!
So I'll be sure to upload some pics of what I brought to cure my early winter blues as well as show some of my best thrift buys.

In other news, I thought I may just put up my pic of the day

As you can see the photo below is just some every day beauty products I turn to during my week at work.

As much as I love makeup (my faves being Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Lancome, The Body Shop and Clinique) I just don't feel like making the time to spend hours in the mirror when I can get up have breakfast and a good workout at the gym y'know?
So here are my go to products listed for the lazy makeup lover:

Pic 1 top left (from left to right): - Third application
  1. All the Body Shop 'Cheek and Lip Stain'
  2. The Body Shop 'Cranberry Joy' Lip Balm - apply after cheek and lip stain
  3. The Body Shop 'Define and Lengthen' mascara (not waterproof)

Pic 2 top right: - First application
  1. Lush 'Coal Face' solid Cleanser ($30) - great for all skin types and an investment! You only need to slice off a small amount, preferably the size of you're 'ring' finger nail and it clears up you're skin like no-ones business!

Pic 3 bottom left: - Second application
  1. Aveeno 'Positively Radiant SPF 30' Moisterizer - This is beautiful on skin! Brings out the natural glow, hardly any chemicals in it and even covers up some blemishes whilst giving you sun protection which I stress about as the sun in NZ is pretty bad over here :-(

Pic 4 bottom right:
  1. My vintage Elizabeth Arden makeup box whixh I've had ever since I was 6 years old. Keeps alot of treasures in it, including those little cosmetics ;-)
I hope you enjoy!
Any questions or reccommendations let me know xx


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