Thursday, 24 January 2013

M.A.C Haul!

Can't go wrong with a gorge smoky eye and a bright lippy :-)
For my 22nd Birthday last week I was very lucky to receive a M.A.C Voucher from one of my very dear friends.
I totally didn't expect anything which made the surprise really lovely and also her knowing how much I love M.A.C makeup!

So without further adieu, here's what I splurged on...

Perluxe eyeshadow

I've been getting into plums and gold tone eye shadows at the moment as they really make my hazel eyes POP!
I had some assistance from a M.A.C rep choosing this shade as I struggled to make the purple in my mineralize e/s 'It's a Miracle' really pop.
He recommend the above shade and showed me how to apply it and also with mineral e/s to add a little water when applying (yes I'm still learning).
To my satisfaction, it worked quite beautifully :-)

"Star Violet" really adds a great contrasting colour with a bit of gold/bronze e/s and a bit of plum e/s

How gorgeous is this ombre effect I did?!
Totally rapt :-)
And last but not least, I've been wanting a bright stand out lipstick and I think this one did quite the trick :-)

Cremesheen lippy "Lickable" - lives up to the name really.
The M.A.C store I went into unfortunately didn't have the lipstick I've been pining for for ages which was "Impassioned", but I think 'Lickable' sufficed.
It's quite a sexy hot pink shade with a yellow undertone and you can't deny that lovely vanilla scent :-)


I will be doing a tutorial of products I used and how I applied them shortly plus some more posts to follow!

I hoped you liked my latest, it's not exactly a big haul but I have so much makeup already that I have to get through!

Cheers for reading :-)



  1. LOVE that lipstick, amazing colour.

    1. Thanks @Katie!
      It is a lovely shade, and it doesn't dry my lips either!
      It has a beautiful wet finish and the colour stains my lips quite nicely :-)


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