Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mangere Starwberry Farm

Here's a little post that will sure to satisfy or send you're cravings into overload!!!

About a month ago, just as summer started here in NZ, I went to a local strawberry farm that are famous for their freshly grown produce and there AMAZING homemade strawberry ice creams!

And as you all know by know, I LIVE for ice cream!!!

The farm is located in the rural / suburb of Mangere in South Auckland and I kid you not it is always packed!

Here's some photo's of my experience...

They have acres of land that grow anything and everything from their delish strawberries and veges!

It was around 10 or 11am and the place was slowly getting busy

They not only make ice cream cones but also pancakes, sundaes and milkshakes!
How it's made

The sheer deliciousness!!!! I had a bite of the top as you can see :P

This place is worth going to when the fruit is in season!
I paid only $3.80 for a waffle cone and the photo above does it no justice as it was much bigger than that (obviously!).
They have a seating area outside with umbrellas so you can enjoy the lovely summer breeze and also the produce that was purchased.

I ended up buying some freshly grown carrots, radishes and peas that tasted nothing like what you buy in the grocery store but better!

Would I recommend this place?

If you're not sure how to get there you can find out here, and if you're reading this from overseas then this would be one reason to visit New Zealand :-)

I'll be visiting the farm this week and will be purchasing a punnet to make a beautiful vanilla, strawberry and nectarine tart so watch this space :-)



  1. This looks amazing! So jealous it's summer for you guys, here it sounds like I'm about to be blow away to Oz (and not the one near you!). That tart sounds so tasty, please post pictures so I can live vicariously through you haha.

    1. I do love summer :-) It's still winter for you guys? You should be heading into spring soon though.....
      Hahaha and I will post pics don't you worry Katie!!!
      I also have a fantastic recipe for a caramel chocolate torte so watch out!


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