Wednesday, 11 December 2013

9 Months and counting...

L to R: Week 7, Week 36
Crying hysterically the nurse asked me "Is this a good or bad thing?".
My reply was "Oh no, no, this is a good thing! I'm happy".
That was the first question I was asked in May after finding out I was pregnant with Luka.

It's still a good thing :-)

L to R: Week 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33
Today Andrei and I had our routinely visit with our midwife. Today it was to discuss our birth plan.
Today, shit just got real.

We covered everything from Vitamin K injections, Andrei helping to guide Luka out into the world and handing her to me, what kind of birth would I like etc etc.
And due to Andrei and I already having a plan written up in advance it was a very simple procedure and my midwife only had to add in breastfeeding and Vit K injection to be done once Luka was out.

I've decided on a water birth as I've always had a lot of pressure on my lower back during and pre-pregnancy.
The only thing this means is I can't have an epidural (which is a needle that goes on the spine and numbs you're lower body), which I'm completely OK with as I've heard nothing but good stories about water births and even if that doesn't work out I will get out of the pool and either squat or get on my hands knees.
I really don't understand why women lay on their backs, it's defying gravity and adding more pain than necessary.

Next week is also our final scan for Luka as well as me going to the hospital to discuss some religious procedures for me (I'm a Jehovah's Witness), and by the end of this week we'll have our hospital bag packed and from there it's just a waiting game.

Week 34
 I'm really stoked with how organized Andrei and I have been about this whole thing.
The only thing left we really need is a car seat and travel pod and were away!

This has been the most easiest pregnancy and I couldn't have done it without him, our families and our friends :-)

Week 35
During our meeting with out midwife she remarked on how small I am and felt around my belly.
She found that Luka's sitting right into my back (hence the back ache) and she has dropped 3cms since we last saw her (explains my pelvic floor pain) and also thinks that Luka may be due in the next 3weeks, give or take.
Andrei and I know our baby, and we know that she might be early. But we shall see, she loves it in my belly, but she is quite the mover!
At our final growth scan next week we'll get to know how much Luka weighs and have one last black and white glimpse at the little gem that has us completely consumed, I can't wait :-)

How far along? Officially 9 months pregnant! (36weeks) Phew where has the time gone?!

Total weight gain/loss? 73.3kgs, total gain 13.2kgs (29.10 pounds), I really feel just all belly right now, she's gonna be at least a 7pounder!
Maternity clothes? Yes and no, Read about that 'here'
Stretch marks? Still none :-)
Symptoms: The same as last time which you can read about 'here'. A few others that I missed are heartburn and indigestion, increase in appetite now that Luka's shifted down, Braxton Hicks, itchy skin and needing to pee ALL the time! I went 6 times in a space of an hour today!!!

Sleep: It's been difficult because of the heat and finding a good position to lay in for a long period of time before one side gets numb. Otherwise it's fine and I haven't been waking up at strange hours.
Best moment this week? Finishing antenatal classes (they are the bomb! I recommend taking them) and getting our birth plan all written up :-)
Miss anything? Nope.
Movements? Always. Luka definitely let's us know when she's moving haha! Andrei and I always place objects on where she's kicking and watch her move them about it's so cute, I'm really going to miss that. Her movements are also becoming painful cause there's not much room or amniotic fluid to cushion the blows anymore.
Food cravings? Fish pie...
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy, I've been feeling so excited and complete knowing how well my pregnancies gone ad how on top of everything Drei and I have been.
Exercising? Yes and no. I've only been to the gym once in the last 2weeks. When I went last week my pelvis was sore for days, it seriously felt like it had been broken so I'm taking that as a sign to put my membership on hold and opt for light walks and swimming.

Labour signs? No.
Baby is a: Girl!

Belly button in or out? In.

Looking forward to? Final hospital bag checks and prepping, getting my maternity shots, seeing my mother in law, Luka's last scan and meeting her very shortly :-)


Week 36 :-)

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