Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Possibly my last post for the year

So not long to go now before Luka's here.
I had what I thought was my final scan last Thursday and the OB caught that Luka's growth has slowed down a lot since my 29week scan, this can be quite serious I.E. a calcifying placenta in which the placenta is starting to decay before the baby's out and the baby isn't getting as much food as he/she needs.
This can harm the baby, or worst case, cause still birth.
She was measured and weighed in at 5.4pounds (2.4kg) which is much less than the 7pounder I thought she was!

Drei and I decided to go for a quick walk along the Viaduct Harbor before our last scan and monitor at Auckland Hospital on Monday morning.

The next day Andrei and I met with my midwives colleague who called Auckland Hospital (where I'm birthing) and told them that I was coming in to have baby and as well as my contractions monitored that night.
Everything seemed fine, and after 45mins of being monitored the doctor arranged with my midwife to have me induced this Thursday to be on the safe side for mine and Luka's health.
It's a really good thing that at 38weeks preggo I am technically classed as 'full term'.

I guess I feel relieved that there's a date I can accurately go by to meet our baby now, but at the same time I'm riddled with first time 'parental guilt' at having a small baby even though I've constantly eaten and been healthy throughout my pregnancy.
I kept thinking "why is this happening to my baby" and blamed myself to the point where I really hated myself for Luka being so small.
I told Andrei and my mum how I was feeling and it all came out in a big fat cry.
After having my little moment I remember my mum and mother in law saying to me after the scan that Andrei and I aren't very big people so we could just be genetically having a small baby, plus my mum and sisters had small children too.
Either way I still felt shit and have been on a constant worry and monitoring every move Luka makes which has meant sometimes I've had to wake her up to make sure she's still alive.

I've had so much assurance from my mum, Drei and mother in law and friends too that everything will be fine and she's going to be a happy healthy baby.
They've all been nothing but amazing with helping me stay calm since finding out about the induction and I feel so safe and assured and I know I'm in the best of hands :-)

My heart melted when I was in hospital the other night; Lukas heart rate peaked quite high and Andrei came over kissed and stroked my belly and talked to her and her heart rate went back to normal. It was seriously the sweetest thing.
He's going to be an amazing daddy :-)

Yesterday we had one more monitor and one more scan to check my fluid levels in the sac. Everything is perfect but my contractions have peaked since Friday so it's definitely close to the time!

Can't wait to see our baby in her little outfit and booties and watch her dream away in the bassinet :-)
 For now I've been finishing off my nesting, our hospital bags are packed and ready and we've been enjoying our last time together as a couple before we become our own little family.

So this may be my last post for the year 2013.
When I go for my induction on Thursday it may not happen straight away and I could be in hospital for a few days depending on if and how long the artificial treatment kicks in.
But I will be writing up my experiences when I can and I can't wait to share them; also something to look forward to in the new year from me is of course Lukas intro and birth story (warning that there will be a lot of TMI, but giving birth isn't glamorous and I guess it'll give you an insight of what to expect when you go through it yourself. I've never 'sugar coated' anything in this blog and I don't plan on starting), my maternity shots and maternity style plus heaps more!

Something to look forward to, my maternity style.

You'll hear from me soon, have a safe and happy new year everyone!!!

How far along? 38weeks (9months 2weeks).

Total weight gain/loss? I've lost a kilo so I'm now 72.2kg from 73.2kg last week. I hear this very common to lose a few kgs before giving birth.
Maternity clothes? Yes and no, Read about that 'here'
Stretch marks? Still none :-)
Symptoms: Braxton's (Hicks) that feel like dull period pains, lower back pain, pelvic floor pain and a creaky pelvis, gas, and just this morning I had 'the show' which is the mucous plug that seals the cervix during pregnancy comes away just before labour is due to start.
Sleep: It's been fantastic surprisingly.
Best moment this week? This week it'll be seeing my family tomorrow for Family Day (aka Xmas) and of course meeting my little Luka baby in a few days ;-)
Miss anything? Nope.
FOTD and 'They're Real' Mascara review in the new year.
Movements? Slowly becoming few and far between. I'm constantly monitoring them and have even had to shake Luka around to be sure she's OK. It's perfectly safe but I hate doing it cause most of the time she's sleeping but it puts my mind at ease.
Food cravings? Cherries, they're in season too :D
Happy or moody most of the time? Anxious. nervous, excited.....hormonal. I've been feeling quite blue about my pregnancy coming to an end and also with being induced it's all just really hit me; I've held myself together so well throughout this time that I'm now realising I'm only human and there are a lot of things I can't control, plus learning how fragile human life is.
Exercising? Walking when I can, my gym memberships on hold.
Labour signs? Frequent Braxton's and lower back pain that comes and goes, but when it comes it lasts for ages. (TMI alert!!!) Increase in discharge. I have the early signs but not quite the beginning of the actual labor itself.
Baby is a: Girl!
Belly button in or out? In.
Looking forward to? Giving birth and meeting our beautiful baby girl in just a few short days :-)

Last weekly snap shot! 38weeks, no more counting :-)


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