Friday, 6 December 2013

J'aime Milse

Yesterday was one ugly rainy day in Auckland and it also happened to be the day that I was to meet with a very good friend of mine who was visiting from Australia.

We both have ravenous sweet tooth's and kinda planned the day together around our stomach's and first to cross off on our 'foodie' list is this sweet boutique dessert restaurant in town called Milse (pronounced mill-sey).

The little restaurant is situated in The Pavillion in Britomart and it really is a hard one to find as it located at the end of a gorgeous fairy light lit walkway between a shoe store and another restaurant.

When we first stepped in we were greeted by a lovely staff member who explained what all the delectable treats were and backed off to let us decide what we wanted which took several minutes as my friend and I wanted the whole store!

The first thing we saw as we walked into Milse!

Mmmmm macarons!
Were the delicious gelatos were kept

After minutes of gorging our eyes with all the amazing handmade, and beautifully presented desserts we finally settled that we'd get two things each.
The first picture below was what I had chosen which was (L) a strawberry, lemon and pistachio gateaux (NZD$8) and a (R) double crunchy chocolate gelato stick (NZD$7).

And this picture below was what my friend, Minna, ordered.
(L) banana, caramel and chocolate verrine (NZD$8) and (R) black forest gateaux (NZD$8)

I can happily boast that both desserts were EXQUISITE and truly art on a platter!
The gateauxs were fluffy and just 'melt in you're mouth', the gelato stick was very rich but none the less the best chocolate fix I've ever had!
I didn't get to have a taster of what Minna had as I think both of us really just wanted it all to ourselves. But as you can see, it isn't very hard to understand why.

The one and probably the only time I'll eat dessert this fancy!

Haha! Not one of my best photo's, but it caught the sheer indulgence on my face!
The kitchen where the desserts are made. all open plan so you can see how the patisserie experts work their magic!
 The restaurant isn't very big, but has a lovely intimate setting.
No booking's are required, it's simply just a 'walk in' experience but you do have the option of takeaway, and if the dessert that you're wanting isn't displayed they make it for you before you're very eyes in the kitchen above.

*Image provided by Google.
The only seating in the whole patisserie.
We came on a good day as we were the only customers!
After our little sugar fix we then browsed around the city, chatted away and the next thing to cross off my list was a new mascara.

Picture as featured on my Instagram account (shaleyabrett_)

It only seemed fitting that I buy the product that has many cosmetic addicts raving. The one and only 'They're Real' mascara from Benefit!
I've been in need of new mascara for a year, I've been using a good one from ModelCo. but it's now drying up and clumping. After all it is almost a year old...
I haven't used it just yet, I just liked the idea of getting a photo of it near my eyes, but as you can see my lashes are already quite thick and long, I just like to dramatise them that little bit more :-)

Picked it up for NZD$43, and I don't think I'll need to purchase a replacement for another year or so, I like to stretch my makeup for as long as I can.
I'll be reviewing this shortly.

Random bit of humor we came across on our travels
Our final stop at The Occidental in which I chowed down on some homemade crispy wedges with sour cream.
 So that was my big day out really!
If you want to find more out about Milse you can check it out 'here', in the mean time I'll leave you with those photo's that you can devour 'guilt free' with you're eyes while I happily placed those calories on my hips for you ;-)

Until next time!


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