Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bits and pieces **pic heavy

Over the last few weeks Andrei and I have been writing up lists of final things that we need before the baby arrives and getting things prepared in the mean time so if Luka does decide to arrive early we're both not running around like headless chickens buying things we so desperately need.

This blog post is pretty much just gonna cover what we have organized in means of storing her clothes to toiletries and anything else. This really is just bits and pieces of anything and everything!

Top: Bendon 'Motherlove' maternity bra from NZD$49.95 to NZD$20!
Bottom: Elle Macpherson 'Momamia' maternity bra from NZD$59.95 to $NZD$20!
In my last post here I stated that I purchased some gorgeous maternity bra's over the weekend at incredible prices as noted above.
It's taken me a while to finally get into maternity things because we don't have very many affordable stockists in NZ; plus I hate plain lingerie so finding these two gorgeous bras was amazing!
When I think about it, I own absolutely no plain underwear, everything is colourful and has a bit of playful lace added and I find that with maternity wear all you get is plain and ugly designs so I was very happy to purchase these lovely (and amazingly comfortable!!!) bras at such a decent price cause during pregnancy you still want to feel womanly, afterall it is our right :-)

Elle Macpherson 'Could Swing' bra NZD$74.95 to NZD$20!
And last but not least I brought this playful bra, which isn't maternity at all but it was so pretty I just couldn't resist!

Next on the list is how I store Lukas clothes, accessories etc.
These storage shelves are kept in the closet out of the way and is very accessable. I've organised each part into where her hats and booties are kept together, her mittens, bibs and long sleeve onsies are altogether and so on so fourth.
I'm going to be putting stickers in the front so that organsiation is kept, although I know it will be difficult once she's here!
I could not leave this out! This is Luka's bassinet all ready and set for her!
Teddies at the back are mix of mine and Andrei's old ones plus a new one which we recieved at her baby shower.

The bassinet, which was given to us from our lovely friends, has an underneath compartment where you can store nappies, wipes, cloths etc.

Pretty pom poms that were used at Luka's baby shower plus a glow-in-the-dark Jupiter which are placed above her bassinet
Picture's of baby girl from previous scans

Nice little bit of eclectic décor in our room :-) Plus a home for our polaroid baby shower pics
Two of my fave outfits! Left is a romper I brought from Pumpkin Patch and on the right is the outfit I was brought home in as a baby which I plan on dressing Luka in too :-)
Also please excuse my burgeoning belly below :P
Naww baby booties!!!
More room décor of some Disney memorabilia that I've had since I was 7!
Her name has found a place at the top of our bookshelf and in our hearts :D
A random pic of one of the shelves in our bookshelf. Two of my favourite photos and a gorgeous handmade Matryoshka doll that was given to me from my mother in law. The doll will be an inspiration for my next tattoo design :-)

And finally is my latest and greatest appliance purchase the 'Yonanas' frozen fruit dessert maker from Dole which you can read all about on their website 'here'

All you need is frozen fruit and pop it through the machine and it comes out just like ice cream except healthier and 100% guilt free!

I've made a mix of banana, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and pineapple mix which I've stored away per the pics above and below; it is delish!


This is usually retail priced at NZD$130 but I picked it up on sale for NZD$91!
I'm such a good bargain hunter :D
The appliance also comes with a recipe booklet so you can make various delicious desserts. I tried it out on my friends kids last week with a simple strawberry banana and apricot mix which they (and my friend and I) loved!
If that's one way to get you're kids eating healthier treats then I don't know what is!

That's all from me until next time, hope you enjoyed it!


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