Saturday, 24 March 2012


So started my Saturday off doing an hour and half of cardio and strength training at the Gym and came home and felt the sudden need to clean EVERYTHING!
Which, is incredibly foriegn to me.
On top of that I baked the most amazing Devils food cake which I saw the lovely Nigella Lawson (female version of Jaime Oliver, also British) make on her day-time T.V show and I'm not afraid to admit that it made me do an embarrassing Homer Simpson drool.....

Here is the outcome..... and here's wheere you can find the recipe:(
I promise you, it's definately worth the two and a half hours to make it!

Base X2

This is a chocoholics best friend, but not you're hips!


Do I feel guilty.....yes, yes I do.
But you gotta indulge every now and then!
And I'll be sharing it with my lovely boyfriend Andrei when he gets home after he eats some grilled lamb chops and a side of veges (trying to be healthy!!!), I'm such a good girlfriend XD

Hope this doesn't tempt you too much, happy Saturday everyone!!!


  1. It soo was!
    I'll have to make one when we come down in a few weeks, I'm so excited!



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