Saturday, 10 March 2012


Hello all!

This is the first time I've managed to hit my blog all week I've been so busy with work!
The previous week I was off sick for 3 days which is never a good thing as the backlog of work is enough to give you whiplash!

On the brighter side of life, I made sure to keep myself in better spirits by keeping myself healthy all week (although not stress free).
I hit the gym every morning for 45mins before work, eating healthy too which I must say have had amazing effects on my skin this last week hence me stressing about all the work I had to catch up on!

Yesterday my skin glowed more than ever; and from my blog which showed the almost 'makeup free' essentials I use on my face everyday I decided to take a picture to show how good a tinited moisterizer, swipe of mascara and lipgloss can is my Face Of The Day for Friday 9th March....

So here it is! And this is all I used to create this pretty much au natural look:

  • Aveeno 'Positively Radiant' SPF 30 moisterizer - make sure to apply it in upward strokes on neck, face and especially you're chest! Also just dab gently around the eyes
  • The Body Shop 'Lip and Cheek stain' - swipe each side of the contours of youre cheeks and rub in circular motions until you have a slight pink tint. Whatever is remaining on the brush/applicator apply to youre lips which gives it a nice tint also :-)
  • The Body Shop lip gloss/balm in 'Cranberry Joy' - This tates amazing as well as makes you're lips look delish! Apply as much as you need
  • And last but not least, The Body Shop 'Define and Lengthen' mascara - apply two coats on the top and one on the bottom lashes. Im actually not wearing mascara in this picture, my eyelashes are already quite defined.
You can still see a few blemishes and scarring which I don't bother fussing over anymore, skin is skin afterall and I do make sure I take good care of mine.
 I'd definately perfer this look for during the week and leaving the full makeup applications for a good night out or special occasion.

Like this look? If you have any tips for a 'barely there' look let me know, hope you enjoyed :-)

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