Sunday, 4 March 2012

Thrift finds: Recents and the best of...

It's Sunday y'all!

And as you can guess from my last blog post I did end up going clothes shopping with my man for 2 hours straight in the wind and rain which was less than ideal, but I can only think that ladies will understand these circumstances for wardrobe building (come wind, rain or shine!).
Surprisingly I had no problems or frustrations from him whilst I constantly changed my mind over and over, which even to me felt like forever, what a champ :-)

So here are some of my latest finds from Recycle Boutique, who had a Buy 2 get one free deal this Saturday only, it's gotta be sheer luck!

Due to it being a lot colder than normal, I decided it would be good to wrap myself up and also follow a bit of the latest fashion trends with cable knit sweaters. I came across this little beauty!
Unfortunately the picture does not do this mocha coloured sweater justice as it has tiny gold scales on it.
The brand, however, I researched is an Italian designer called Stefanel which have some beautiful clothing on their web page and I picked this Pure Virgin Wool and Angora sweater for a lovely $56!!!
Sweet deal and keeps me toasty warm :D

Next on my list of goodies....

Grey scarf from Topshop brought for $16.50!
Its connected and very long, I manage to wrap it around my neck comfortably about three times, I can't believe what a steal this was!

Third on my list is this awesome American designer Ronny Kobo t-shirt which looks quite large ( is) but it's super comfy and when paired with some skin tight jeans and knee high boots will look super sexy ;-)
$24 I picked this up for.

And to start off my Best Of list is......

My amazing authentic Christian Louboutin heels valued at around $1000.00 from what I researched and brought for $60!!!!
Equipped with his trademark red sole (yay!) these slip on my size 6 feet like a glove and they're not too high either, also cause of their nude colour they can be paired easily with any outfit (thank you Mr. Louboutin!).
Definitely first on my best buys from a recycled clothing store :-)

Next on my best of list is this Victorian inspired tunic dress from an unknown brand.
This was my first purchase from Recycle Boutique and I have found to be quite lucky as I seem to have my best days in this :-)
This photo does not do it any justice as it's not this see through but as you can see the detailing is beautiful and is a very complementary colour on any skin type and is very slimming.
Purchased for $24 if I remember right.

And last but not least on my list is this 50's inspired leopard print dress quipped with front pockets which I think is quite a cute and nifty detail to this little honey!
I love the fact that when ever I wear it I can't help but to twirl!
And it lifts up and does that trademark 50's dress twirly thingy which I get all giddy about :D
Love this one off dress and brought it for a lovely $50!

As you've noticed I do quite a lot of thrift buying, something that my mum taught me from an early age, it's great and the things that you find that people don't want to own anymore is amazing.
I can spend hours looking through the racks and liking the fact that no one else (you hope) will have the same thing.
To me it kind of marks you're individual style and also things that you would never find in all these other retail stores that people shop in and never think twice that second hand stores offer way more in quality and like I mentioned before, individuality in style.

Some food for thought, before you buy a t-shirt from you're fave retail store that offers it for $100, a second hand store can offer it for $20....

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Wow-wee, What a great find your Loubs were! Health to wear! Love your blog
    xo Katie

  2. Thank you Katie!
    I can't get over how fotunate I was to find them and of course definately good for my feet :D

    Ditto on you're blog! Can't wait to see more from you :-)


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